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April 17 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Stormwater fees went up again? I see the mayor continues to fight for us, but it looks like some of the new ones are a little weak in the knees. Follow the mayor's lead; there is a reason he was elected over the other guy.


Curse their hearts, the Republican tax scam resulted in trillion dollar deficits and smaller tax refunds for you, and makes them want to cut every program that actually benefits citizens. But at least the Military Industrial Complex is happy, as our defense budget soared to $733 billion per year. That is about $1.4 Million per minute. Let that sink in.


BYH to the embarrassing group of students on TV during the WNCT Sup Dogs "Best College Bar in the Country" Segment. The ketchup is not alcohol and the beer doesn't go in your nose! Have you learned nothing at ECU?


BYH to all the BYHers. After being away for a week I must say I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your entries. Keep me coming back with opinions, banter, wit and quotes. Love this section!


American Airlines, BYH for installing cameras on seat backs that face all of the passengers. I have no desire to be cramped into one of your small seats just to have a camera staring at me the entire time.


Here we go again. Looks like we now have a new crew of tax and spend friends, Smiley, Litchfield, Bell and Daniels. The last set of tax and spend friends were voted out of office so I would be careful before you tax the citizens to death.


Bless the heart of the county for shutting down economic development with the rest of the county. After reading the article in the paper about the success of Rocky Mount and their organization, it makes you want to pound your head against a wall when you think of the Pitt County commissioners.


BYH, so the headline read: Trump pushes border patrol chief to break the law, promises pardon if he does. What kind of lawless mentality does this president have to reach before his Republican enablers finally stand up to him? History will not be kind to these people.


BYH, if the environment were a bank, it would have been saved by now.


Bless your heart, City of Greenville, a victim of Robin Hood ransomware that has crippled city functions and caused days, if not weeks, of lost productivity. Will the taxpayers be paying the ransom? How much has been lost? Perhaps the city should invest in better protection in the future.


BYH, this just in: William Barr read “Moby Dick,” finds no evidence of whales.


BYH, people who misuse the word “literally” make me figuratively insane.


BYH America, you are waking up, as Germany once did, to the reality that one-third of your people would kill one-third of your people while one-third of your people just stand around and watch.


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