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April 21 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, April 21, 2019

How can Greg Murphy belong to two different churches? Especially two different denominations.Your fellow Catholics want to know.

Bless the heart of the state for fixing our roads but taking an eternity to complete the jobs. Can one of our state officials work on speeding up the process?

Bless his heart, novelist Philip Roth has lashed out at President Trump as an ignorant “con man” who could do untold damage to the country. “Trump is ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, of art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance, destitute of all decency,” Tell us how you really feel, Philip.

Bless my heart, if this mayor could get any better I'd send him to D.C. to clean up the mess in Congress. Thank you for your leadership Mayor Connelly.

BYH, how about having height-classed teams in competitive basketball? Tall basketball is great! Short basketball would be good and fast. We already have weight classes in boxing and wrestling. So, how about size classes in basketball — and also in gymnastics?

No BYH at all to the multitudes of totally unsolicited and unwelcome text messages and calls from candidates running for the congressional election. Please know that for many of us, these are a nuisance and make it far less likely that we would ever vote for you.

I am sure DR will never print this ... thanks God for Donald Trump!!!

BYH, Attorney General Barr is acting more like a Trump campaign spokesman than an independent agent of the law.

No BYH to residential cut-through traffic. Recently I took note of someone entering a popular residential short cut. I’m considerate of these residential neighborhoods and continued the so-called long way. Then I noticed her exiting on the other end at the same time as me. Not quite a short cut is it? Think Golden Rule, people.

Bless your heart to the person who said that Walter Jones and Allen Thomas were nearly identical in their political beliefs. I could not disagree more. Walter Jones was a man of honesty and integrity who represented the people of his district. I need say no more.

BYH, Pitt County Schools. Why not just go ahead and add “protest day” as another day off for teachers on future calendars?

Bless my heart, the Republicans have finally gotten me to the point where I simply do not believe anything they say. They do not operate in good faith, and their only objective seems to be protecting a lawless president.

BYH, here is my to-do list for today: Count my blessings. Practice kindness. Let go of what I can't control. Be productive yet calm. Just breathe.

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