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April 22 Bless Your Heart


Monday, April 22, 2019

Bless your heart to the writer who complained about encouraging kids to bike to school on National Bike to School day. My kids' school, The Oakwood School, used to do it from Ironwood and it was something they were very excited about and looked forward to dong every year. Sad to say that it stopped last year for some reason but I hope they do it again. It is a great way to spend time together in a healthy activity.

'BYH' to the Trump supporters with cognitive dissonance. Who do you think is going to pay the higher cost of goods that Trump slaps tariffs on? You are. Who is going to fight in the wars he starts before the election for political purposes to distract us? Your kids. And who is going to pay for the trillion dollar deficits created by the Republican wealth redistribution tax scam? You guessed it. You're like the chickens who vote for Colonel Sanders.

Bless your heart to the school board members who allow themselves to be blackmailed by teachers into giving themselves a paid day off so they can go lobby for even more of our tax dollars, If they don't do their job on May 1, you should fire them, not reward their irresponsibility!

Bless the heart of anyone complaining about the teacher walkout. You try making ends meet on $35,000 a year while supporting a family, rent, and supplies for your classroom. One day a year doesn't hurt anyone — especially considering the writers aren't even in school!

Bless your heart to the citizens of Greenville and Pitt county. This is a top three list of traffic infractions I witness during my everyday travels: 1. You will not be ticketed for texting and driving; 2. You will not be ticketed for applying make up while driving; 3. You will not be ticketed for jaywalking anywhere on 10th Street.

Bless your heart to special event planners. You should not call special events such as the Dogwood Fest and others family events. You allow alcohol beverages to be carried around and consumed at these events. Families out for a good time do not want to be around a bunch of drunks.

Bless your heart Sen. Bernie Sanders. You were a conscientious objector when asked to serve your country and now you want to be Commander and Chief. Are you against all wars or just ones where you are asked to participate?

Judging by the number of folks charged with driving under influence I am guessing the penalty is rather light. Of course we as a society could greatly reduce the number of drunk drivers if we so chose. The answer naturally is to sell alcohol at college football games. That should do it!

BYH, the ego says: once everything falls into place, I will find peace. Spirit says: find peace and everything will fall into place.

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