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April 23 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

This BYH goes out to Aldridge & Southerland. They are responsible for the message in Saturday’s DR on page C6. Awesome! Thank you for reminding us.


Bless your heart, Charlene King. I came to the ABC store with alcohol on my breath and I had too much to drink and this sweet and kind lady took the time to drive me home and not serve me any alcohol. This was on the Easter weekend. She made sure I got into my house safely. Now that is a good employee. She was my guardian angel and I thank her for that and I love her. I don’t know her from a can of paint. Thank you. She is an angel sent my way.


BYH, When are people going to stop calling Social Security an entitlement? I have worked since I was sixteen, and a portion of every paycheck was removed for my future SS. It’s my money — not an entitlement.


BYH to President Trump. I think the primary reason that he is disliked by so many is that he is a wealthy carny. Admittedly, that is a very rare combination.


Bless the hearts of those whining about the teacher walkout. Do you have any idea how much work teachers do outside of the classroom on top of what is done during school hours? I’ve seen my husband grading papers and adjusting lesson plans until 2 a.m. and shopping for class supplies using his own paycheck. He cares about his students as if they were his own children. 


A big thanks to the road crew who has been re-paving the streets of Bethel. I'm used to road work being a much bigger hassle, but you guys are downright speedy. Bless your hearts!


BYH, the only way the Republicans can think they will get away with lying about every facet of the redacted Mueller report is if they think you are too stupid or lazy to read the report for yourself. Don't prove them right. Google “Mueller Report” and read it for yourself.


BYH, Democrats, please stop pursuing the Mueller Report! It is over. Stop wanting to see President Trump’s tax returns. Stop impeachment. Going nowhere. Focus on the issues of the country. Work on what really needs to be fixed!


BYH, by American standards, Bernie Sanders is a terrible politician. He refuses bribes, he is honest, and he actually wants to help people.


BYH, someone said Allen Thomas was the closest thing to Congressman Walter B. Jones Jr. Then, Mr. Thomas, why are you not running as a Republican? Because you aren’t anywhere near Congressman Jones. You are a Democrat. 


There are no accidents, only incidents. And "crossed the center line" means "looking down at their phone."


BYH, stop fighting about who created the world, and start fighting those who are destroying it.


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