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April 24 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BYH to Ms. Sybil who works at a Winterville store. We love you so much and thank you for making our day when we see you! If only there were more people in this world like you!

Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren wants to forgive student loan debt. How about those of us who worked numerous jobs to pay our own way rather than taking out loans? Do we get reimbursed or shafted for working?

Bless my heart, whenever I hear some political candidate touting his/her religiosity, I remember Mark Twain's distinction between a professing Christian and a professional Christian. "By their fruits you shall know them."

Ever noticed that in a divorce the friends get divided as well? I get eyeballed because I remained a friend of the husband even though it was not his fault at all! I think the judge should allocate friends as well in the divorce decree. "You take Mary and you get Joe."

BYH to ECU's new Interim Chancellor. Your fate will be decided on the football field. Another losing season and Pirate Radio will have you out-of-town by Christmas.

Bless their hearts but how long does it take the county commissioners to fix the Emergency Radio and Paging Communications systems? This has been an ongoing problem for the past five years. Come on, guys, it's time to fix the problem. I know it's taxpayer money but the taxpayers are getting fed up.

Bless your heart to the person who thinks they had money taken out of their paycheck for their "future Social Security." That is not how it has ever worked.

To the person complaining about too bright street lights, be grateful. Go ahead and move to the country. You may find it hard to locate an area where your neighbors don't have a bright security light in their backyard.

BYH, I think that every citizen starting between ages 18 and 20 should serve a mandatory two years either in the armed services or civilian corps to give back to their country, after which a lifetime of Medicare-style free health care is earned.

BYH Chimer Clark. Your commercial bragging about how "tough as nails” you are as you glower at all of us with an AR-15 will surely help you capture the "deeply insecure in your manhood" vote.

BYH to everyone that keeps voting for politicians who want to cut their Social Security and Medicare. Good luck retiring.

BYH, life is short, so spend as much of your time arguing on the internet with strangers about politics as you can.


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