BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

April 26 Bless Your Heart


Friday, April 26, 2019

A big BYH and thank you to Jason and the other techs at Pecheles Hyundai. I had a trunk lid issue on April 17 and you took care of it in a matter of minutes, not hours. And you all did it with a smile and a very friendly attitude. Thanks again.

Bless my heart, I wonder why the Republican candidates for the 3rd District label themselves as “Conservative Republican.” Seems redundant to me. Why not save space and just label themselves as “Backward”?

BYH, I see more vehicles with stickers of AR-15s and celebrating weapon culture than against it. What does this say about our society?

BYH to anyone that thinks they can change people minds by posts they make on the internet. You can't! Let it go.

BYH if you murder someone and don’t get caught, is it still illegal? If you attempt to murder someone but you fail, is it still illegal? If you attempt obstruction of justice, but the person you order to do it refuses, did you still obstruct justice? Are you still guilty?

BYH, the creation of a thousand forests exists in one acorn.

The Town Commons concert with The Embers was great fun and great fellowship with others in our community. Then towards the end it turned into a political plug for Greg Murphy by Henry Hinton who clearly showed his distaste for Democrats. This was inappropriate and should not have happened. I have no ill will against Murphy but I just wanted to get away from politics for a brief time and have fun.

BYH John Paul II High School. It looks as though the front of your new athletic complex has attractive black chain link fencing while the surrounding area of those you pledged to be good neighbors with gets standard chain link plastered with orange "no trespassing" signs. I hope the barbed wire isn’t next!

Bless your heart to the friend that got eyeballed with the divorce. It’s sad, but true, that friends do get split up stories get told and there is always more than one side to every story. It's not always true what your "friends" say about them being innocent. That's probably why you are being eyeballed. Why can't we all just get along!

BYH to the legion of people who, thanks to the 10th Street Connector, can no longer force their way through four lanes of traffic to turn left into and out of Bojangles on Farmville Boulevard.

Another story about the failed Global TransPark. But it puts us on the map as one of the biggest boondoggles of all time. I remember all the glorious predictions. Reminds me of the lies I told my wife before we were married. "Stick with me, honey, and I will take you to the top!"

Bless your heart to whichever police district the convenience store on Old Tar is in. If I can sit in traffic each day and watch drug deals happening, why can’t you?

Bless your heart: Be kind, we are all connected.

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