BYH, Donald Trump was the fat line of coke conservatives snorted, thinking it would boost their energy and weight loss....

May 9 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 9, 2019

BYH to the ECU Women’s Golf Team. You can do this! Go for it! It's your turn — step up to the tee!

Bless the heart of the lack of stormwater “Bless your hearts.” I thought this was the issue that would drown our city, literally.

Since ECU now owns a huge party house at Star Hill Farms and ECU's property is state property, we can start to throw bigtail gate parties there? BYH to the nearby homeowners who did not realize that frat houses could be there next.

To the person asking about where to donate gently used toys: Try Goodwill on Red Banks, the new family shelter, local churches for their yard sales, local child care services, U.S. Marines' Toy for Tots. If they can't take them, they might be able to refer you to someone else.

BYH to the public servant who is complaining about not getting a raise on their government pension. Try being like majority of the people in private sector that only rely on Social Security. You should be thankful instead of moaning.

BYH, it's time to take the Justice Department out of the purview of the executive branch potentially headed by one lawless man. It just makes no sense to have our highest law enforcement body headed by the one they are investigating. Foxes guarding the henhouse, so to speak.

Bless the heart of the environmentalists who are infatuated with global warming. Remember when Al Gore made all that money and then went hiding in his safe space when it came out that it was all fake?

The city announced the next movie in the park, what a great idea and fun for my children. Thank you, Greenville, for offering this for our city.

BYH to the drivers who insist on following the speed limit laws. Don't you know this is eastern N.C.? Those laws are ignored and never enforced. It is Pirate Country. Texting while driving fast is the norm here!

I see the Beach Boys tribute band will be playing at the Town Common this week. Is it true Calvin Mercer is the lead singer or does he just wear Hawaiian shirts because he thinks they're cool?

Statistics show that every three minutes someone is mugged in America. Poor guy. Bless his heart.

BYH, and so the headline read, “Barr says it is ‘not against the law’ for Trump to demand that staffers lie to investigators.” Is this what we've come to?

BYH to the person who thinks Trump is unstoppable because of 3.2 GDP growth. Almost as high as Obama's, and he managed it without completely destroying the system of checks and balances.

BYH ECU and the ECU Board of Governors. The vice chancellor for administration and finance says she can't balance the books? And ECU is paying her a huge salary. Something smells.

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