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May 10 Bless Your Heart


Friday, May 10, 2019

Thank you city council for offering Movie in the Park near the river. My sons look forward to the movie event with their friends and it's a great time to socialize with my friends.

For nearly 40 years we have known the pleasure of the convenience and friendship found at the Harris Teeter at the corner of 14th and Charles Streets. You will all be missed, but at least there is comfort in knowing that no one will be without a job. Blessings!

Hats off to all of those police officers riding their bicycles all the way from Raleigh to Washington, D.C. Seeing your ride brought tears to my eyes. Your support in a memorial ride to honor your fallen brothers and sisters is touching. I just wish our roads were safer for each of you and anyone else who rides.

Bless your heart to complainers of immigration. Lord knows you don't want to do the jobs I've done as an immigrant. They're too hard for the average American! Sincerely, an American immigrant.

First student apartments on Imperial, then a hotel — maybe a Trader Joe’s now?

The person who timed the three lights at the 10th Street connector must also be the one that has timed all the other lights in Greenville, bless our hearts.

If I’m Greg Murphy or Joan Perry, I know that I have a job if I lose. Allen Thomas? What’s he going to manage? GTP? Ran it aground. Trailer park? Nearly foreclosed. Sweepstakes? GoFundMe is a more profitable con. Poor guy.

When should we expect the stormwater deluge? I need to make sure I have my flippers and my safe space ready to go.

BYH, NRA. My, my, my. You have now sponsored yet another school shooting. How proud you must be.

The county commissioners are looking to increase taxes by 3 cents this year? Are these the same commissioners that did not want to combine their economic development efforts with the city of Greenville? Who is running the show over there — Cletus?

BYH to the builders of The Drake for just making half of a sidewalk on your entrance. Not completing the street makes me wonder what else you only build half way. Since I can only walk safely on half of the street and then have to dodge speeding drivers on Evans Street, do I only have to pay half of the rent?

BYH, I'm old enough to remember when a hash tag was called a pound sign. And we played tic tac toe on it.

My coffee group is of the opinion that ECU's financial embarrassment is due to a losing football program. I tried to tell them that it just might be a little more to it than football. They voted me out of the coffee club!

Bless your heart, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.

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