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May 11 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, May 11, 2019

BYH to the bottom 15 Republican candidates. Someone told me they all ran to build name recognition for future campaigns, but I already forgot them all.

BYH to those who think the Dems are spending too much time on Trump. If only that wasn't necessary! Emperor Trump attempts to disband the rule of law and all that makes America a democracy. As we slip into an autocratic third world banana republic, someone has to protect our democracy. Those who think otherwise are uninformed or simply don't care. A good economy is great, but democracy is better. So get your head out of Fox and read a newspaper. Someone needs to stand guard.

Dan Gerlach is the key to solving ECU's financial deficit. While head of the Golden Leaf Dan oversaw the giving of $100 million to the Global Transpark to bring in Spirit Air. So how about us getting a $100 million for ECU? We already got people in jobs. Fly Pirate Airlines.

BYH to the completion of the 10th Street Connector, maybe it should be named “Monroe Drive” since it was Dr. Edwin Monroe’s hard work and dedication that got the medical school here.

BYH to N.C. District 3 voters. Please become educated about all candidates prior to voting! Voting because of name recognition is not the way to go. We need an honest, responsible person of integrity in the House!

What a great idea the Farmville teacher has to teach her students about the United States and geography by logging and stamping dollar bills with the Where's George website so that her students can track where their money goes. Thanks to all of the people who find a specially stamped bill and enter their location to teach these kids.

Bless the heart of the price gouging at the gas pump in Greenville. I was in Kinston and the gas prices were 15 cents a gallon cheaper than Greenville. This has got to stop.

BYH to anyone short-sighted enough to support drilling off the N.C. coast. It doesn't matter if you like the beach. Just one accident and our economy would sink.

A BYH to neighbors who stand and stare. It wouldn't hurt to wave hi. What I do in my yard is my business!

BYH to the person who says that a father must be responsible for the child if abortions are made illegal. First, I doubt that will ever happen so calm down. Second, fathers are held responsible through child support wage garnishment. Third, women who have abortions (with exception of rape and incest) are women with no morals. In most cases they probably don't know who the father is.

BYH for the new 10th Street Connector — now, from campus to the hospital, for the love of God, synchronize the stoplights.

Admit it, how many of you use the jail booking to find a date? BYH.

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