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May 12 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, May 12, 2019

BYH to the congressional candidates who told us what they would do for eastern N.C., instead of those candidates promoting violence or ridiculing others. We have enough bullies in Congress. Two students were killed on election day by a bully. More kindness please.

Notice how ECU started aiming to be the next great national university and enrollment drops? Perhaps, ECU needs to return to its original focus, a regional university for ENC and numbers will rise again.

Why is Dan Gerlach chancellor of ECU? He has never worked at a university. He did not get a doctorate or terminal academic degree. He does have strong political connections and controversial service at Golden Leaf Foundation. I guess political patronage is alive and well in Harry Smith's university. This is such a tragedy and setback for our university.

Bless our former mayor’s heart, his sign on Greenville Boulevard and Charles is bigger than the permanent ECU sign.The only difference is one is already supposed to be removed but rules are made to be broken for some folks.

BYH to the person complaining about Thomas' signs. He still has an election coming up in September. I've seen Murphy and Perry signs up for the runoff in July. Nix needs to take down signs left on Greenville Boulevard.

BYH to the dictionary. Yes you would be surprised with the new words that they have added. But you might also be surprised to some of the words you won't find in the dictionary any more.

BYH to the speed limit on the new 10th Street overpass. For a road like this, 35 is way too fast. That is enough speed to kill pedestrians and drivers. Please lower it to safer 25 or less mph so that we can all use it safely.

Bless the heart of the liberals who continue to attack Trump and are so worried about his tax records. Wake up and look at the economy and how many more people are employed because of his policies. I guess you're upset because people are working and it's hard to offer free things to people that are self sufficient.

Thank you to the Greenville Police Department for your regular patrols in our neighborhood. It is comforting to know that you are watch our homes while we are away.

All this winning in Greenville is becoming contagious. I bet it is hard to write a newsletter when all we do it, win, win, win, no matter what!

How many more wrecks will there be at the intersection of Eastern Pines/Portertown (near the Fire Station) before it's fixed? Are we waiting for someone to get killed?

Pirate Radio vs. WTIB, I'd put my money on the FM station and not the scratchy AM radio station. Henry, I really think Troy is just jealous of your hair.


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