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May 14 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

BYH to the Pitt County Arboretum and Master Gardeners for sponsoring your upcoming annual plant sale the morning of May 18. I have attended for many years and have a garden full of beautiful plants, thanks to this fun event.

The current financial problems at ECU are not down to the radio stations. It is the result of letting the athletic department run the university. While some may revel in a winning season, I don't know that it will help get you a job. Most job applications don't ask you to list the win-loss record or the QB stats.

BYH to Vidant Medical Center for terminating ties with the toxic Board of Governors. We don't want Harry Smith destroying the hospital. It will be nice to see him go.

BYH, at first it was fun playing zig-zag around the potholes on 10th Street, but now it’s gotten really old and aggravating. My car’s alignment would appreciate it if this main thoroughfare were repaved! Anyone else with me?

BYH, why 35? The 10th Street connector speed limit should be 45 mph. By the way, if you think the new connector is dangerous, you need to turn in your driver’s license and sell your car, BYH.

BYH to fake news. The Mueller Report was released! It is not hidden. The only things that are redacted are those required by law.

Bless my heart, I am so disgusted with “Individual 1” that I don't trust the judgment of anyone who supports him.

A big BYH to Sharon Johnson for being in the Grifton Shad Festival parade. You're still pretty enough to be the queen. Easy to see why you made it to the top. Pretty and talented!

BYH to those who think guns kill people. This is simply not the case. Going by this logic, it's my fork that is making me fat!

A big thank you goes out to the organizers of Farmville's Bookin’ It 5K this weekend. What an organized run in a neat town. So well done and well attended — far better than others in the area. I loved seeing parts of this town and look to come back for more. Please keep connecting those sidewalks so more of us can run and walk there in safety.

If you can keep your wealth, while all around you are losing their shirts, and blaming it on you, you'll be a man, my son.

BYH to the person who thinks lowering the speed limit anywhere in Greenville or anywhere else for that matter will make people drive slower. In case you haven't noticed no one pays any attention to speed limits and the police don't have the manpower to enforce limits, except in school zones.

Bless my heart, I read the county commissioners intend to raise taxes again for frivolous expenses they cannot control. Time to drain the swamp. Pull the chain Mayor Connelly!

BYH, owning a dog is perfect for someone who never wants to eat a sandwich by themselves ever again.

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