BYH, in case you haven't noticed, civil rights, human rights, worker's rights and voting rights are frowned on by...

May 16 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 16, 2019

BYH, we are borrowing money from China to pay our farmers not to sell their crops to China. Let that sink in.

Thank you to the City of Greenville for adding more free parking in downtown Greenville along the west side of South Greene Street. Those spaces have long been needed. Kinda cool that you were able to squeeze a bike lane in there as well. Well done!

BYH, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a pagan, an agnostic and an atheist walk into a coffee shop. And they talk and they laugh and they make friends. This is not a joke, it's just what happens when you are not a jerk.

Bless our hearts, will the branding of Greenville bring us safer opportunities for walking and bicycling, more considerate drivers, and more concern for a cleaner environment? Just wondering.

Does the smaller-than-standard numerical font used on the speed limit signs on Fire Tower Road between County Home Road and N.C. 11 bother anyone else? Why weren’t standards followed, I wonder.

If the ECU Pirate Baseball team keeps winning I vote in favor of another $29 million transfer to the ball players. Education might be important, but college sports doesn't require taking tests or buying $100 textbooks. Can you get a degree just from watching ball games?

I shouldn't wonder that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are walking billboards for term limits. Come on, folks! Surely there must be someone younger. I do not really care who is in the White House, but that person needs to be younger if not smarter.

No BYH to a president who uses inflammatory rhetoric in order to incite lone wolves to violent acts. Look up stochastic terrorism.

BYH and RIP to Doris Day, Peggy Lipton and Tim Conway. My childhood television icons are dying off way too frequently. Stop it now!

BYH, Jesus wasn't neutral when he sided with the poor, sick and immigrants. Be like Jesus.

BYH to all caucasian people. According to the new Democratic party and supporting media, you are now required to apologize profusely for being caucasian.

Let's see ... 3 cents per hundred is $30 per $100,000 valuation. Per year. Meanwhile, our state legislature is cutting expenditures that have to be made up by local governments. Teacher pay and school staffing are but one example. So you own a $200,000 home and can't afford to kick in an extra $60 per year?

Why is everyone picking on the poor guy from Pirate Radio? You clearly know they are having a tough time with their fuzzy AM signal and lack of sponsorship. Harry Smith might be interested in running some ads on something.

What is going on with Greenville these days? All this winning is becoming contagious.

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