BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

May 17 Bless Your Heart


Friday, May 17, 2019

Bless the heart of the dingbat that complained about 10th Street not being paved, I read online it is being completed this month and it's a state road, not a city one, duh.

As a fervent 2nd Amendment supporter, I will echo the May 13th BYH: Secure your guns. Lock your cars and homes. It's pathetic to see how many of the stolen firearms, among other things, are from unlocked vehicles.

Greenville really needs a professional baseball team for the summers. My friends and I always talk about the wasted time we spend driving to Kinston when we could bike to a field in town and then bike right home.

Bless the heart of the liberals that want to continue to investigate President Trump. The country is watching while you waste time and Trump keeps on winning.

I agree with a previous writer requesting that the new 10th Street speedway should have a lower speed limit. There are no crosswalks at either bottom of the bridge and it is already so dangerous to cross the wide road just to visit our neighbors. This new road has destroyed communities and now speeding car drivers seek to destroy lives. Please lower the speed limits and ticket those drivers who ignore them and speed.

Take notes from the city of Greenville, Pitt County Commissioners. They are doing everything right and somehow you have managed to do everything wrong in a short period of time.

BYH, now we find out that Trump lost over $1 billion in a 10-year span. He did promise us that he would run this country the way he runs his business. Prepare to declare bankruptcy before he is done. with us.

BYH to the cyclists who dress up in tight clothing and ride their toy bikes on our roads that our tax dollars pay for every time we, not them, buy gas. If Greenville wanted them to pedal their toys on the roads, they would spend the dollars for some paint. They don't, so clearly the city does not want them on the roads. Bikes should stay in their bike lanes and nowhere else until they start paying for them with gas taxes.

I believe we should combine the gluten hoax with the stormwater runoff pending crisis. One candidate has devised a plan whereby gluten will be the first substance carried off by stormwater runoff into the river. The yeast will rise and form a footbridge over the Tar River. A lot of thought has gone into this.

BYH to the person reporting the tired old talking point that guns don't kill people any more than his fork makes him fat. The first time someone kills a room full of first graders with a fork, we'll talk about it.

BYH, Greenville really only has two things: ECU and Vidant. To see cracks forming in their relationship does not bode well for Greenville.

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