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May 20 Bless Your Heart


Monday, May 20, 2019

It is refreshing to read that Pitt County towns are starting to consider building connected greenways. These are long overdue and will be wonderful additions to our area.

BYH, the cost of having public libraries is much less than the price we pay for having an ignorant nation.

BYH to us for living on this planet while it's still habitable. If hell exists, we'll all end up there for giving future generations a death sentence.

I think the most important question on a college application should be: "What are you going to do after graduation in order to support yourself and pay off any student loan?" If they can provide no answer to that question they need to be put on the college board of trustees where they will find like-minded folks.

BYH, after all of his lies, who is going to believe Trump's reasons and pretexts for attacking Iran? If he does that, there will be a lot of blood on his hands, as well as his voters who put him there.

Students loans had not been invented when I went to college. My class schedule was 8-12 each morning Monday through Saturday. Yes, we went to class on Saturday. I worked for the bank from 1-7 Monday through Friday and loaded freight on Saturday and Sunday night. No loans and even had spending money left over. The good ol' days.

BYH, when the penalty for aborting after a rape is more severe than the penalty for rape, that's when you know it is a war on women.

The abortion issue will remain unsolved until the Baby Daddies band together and fix the problem. It takes two to tango and a village to raise a child with only one parent.

The Democrats claim the Russians elected Trump. So will the Russians support one of the current crop of Democrats? "Alex, I will take Russian stormwater runoff for $100."

I bought a washing machine from the big box store. Went through several telephone calls to arrange service. The guy said he had to order the part for my garden variety machine. Evidently the part is coming from Mars by Pony Express. Sign me, Never Again.

To the writer making fun of the “gluten hoax” I hope you can find a way to be better informed. There is no gluten hoax for those of us who suffer from celiac disease, as the the resulting gluten allergy causes intestinal damage. My mother almost died from this in the 1960’s before she was diagnosed with it. It is often inherited and there is a test for markers which can help family members know their predisposition to it.

BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling anyone about it. No wonder no one showed up! Get out there and try to walk in Greenville, that will show you where the sidewalks are needed!

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