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May 21 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sounds like the current crop of Democrat presidential hopefuls is aiming to bring the rich folk down to our level. We will all be poor together. You will get free college and a low-paid government position upon graduation. The janitor will make the same as the surgeon.

With all the money ECU sports has been losing I would have thought we would have been winning. Or maybe it has all been funneled to the baseball team? They sure are winning! I suspect though that their success is due to that Greene County connection. Arghhh!

What makes you think the Russians will vote for one of the current crop of Democrat hopefuls? The Russian illegals who live in my neighborhood say they will continue to vote for Trump.

Every year I am amazed by the number of college graduates who went though all those years of education and never learned the meaning of the word "loan?"

Golly, public works, you admit that people do not feel safe on Greenville's roads to walk or bike. So instead of working to make them safe, you wish to build greenways. At your current pace, those take decades to build, are poorly maintained, and frequently are closed because of flooding. How about doing your job and make safe roads for everyone to use in the first place?

BYH to the reader who wrote that the students will "ascend" to Uptown in August. I believe they meant "descend" although perhaps they think Uptown is heaven?

BYH Daily Reflector. I don't understand why you continue to publish BYH's that ridicule the seriousness of flooding. The DR has printed articles and pictures about the property and life devastation as a result of uncontrolled flooding. I get that those who write these BYH submissions do not care about the pain and devastation that flooding causes, but it seems you would. I know someone who died as a result of flooding, and these entries are so callous toward others.

I see in the news where we are now flying illegals to different parts of the country and putting them up in hotels. Hopefully I will have soon saved up enough money to fly to visit my sister in Oregon. How about if I identify as an illegal?

I agree that lowering the speed limits within city limits to a survivable 20 mph would help reduce the death and destruction that drivers may impose on anyone who is not surrounded by tons of metal when they crash into people and buildings. But BYH, we have speed limits now, although deadly, and they are ignored and commonly exceeded. Raising safety standards is obviously not the priority of NCDOT, Public Works, the police, or the court system and not the will of the people.

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