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May 22 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

BYH AAA. Two weeks ago I called for help, I had a flat tire, I am disabled. I was told that I am not allowed to call AAA any more. My membership had been canceled after 17 years. The reason given was I used the service too much. This year I have called four times because I needed help, I was not notified of this change or given a refund of my money. Look out Senior Citizens.

BYH, sad day and age where women have more rights to a gun than they have to their own bodies.

BYH "Trump Lane." Ya gotta be kidding! Half the nation thinks he's the worst president we've ever had! How about "Leo Jenkins Highway." He's the best we've ever had.

Thank you to the Greenville mayor and city council member and the Board of Education member who came out to advocate for safer and accessible streets for cyclists and pedestrians. It was an honor to ride with you and hundreds of other citizens in our area who wish all of our roads to be safer. BYH to those leaders who vote to approve roads that continue to be incomplete, inclusive, accessible and equitable to all.

BYH to individual thanking our mayor for "supporting a higher quality of living" You must not live in any of his rental properties. SMH.

BYH, these embryos that progress into females will be disappointed to realize they had more rights in the womb than they have out of it.

BTH of the parents who let their 2 year old roam around the church during the service while they follow a few feet behind. I guess they think that's good parenting but most think it's rude and disrespectful. Let me give them a hint, if you don't discipline them now, you won't be able to when they're older.

Bless my heart, when I read BYH's complaining about folks exceeding the speed limit and racing from one red light to the next, I know you're writing about me. I'll try to do better.

BYH to our State Theatre and another wonderful national act they brought us last night in the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Just one suggestion, you'll thank me later and it will pay dividends in gold. Invest in a couple outdoor couches for the back on the side. People with heart conditions need to sit occasionally, and you don't need the liability of them dropping.

If we lowered the speed limits around all of the schools to the proposed survivable 20 mph maximum, we could then ticket all of the violators and fund our schools better. Dangerous drivers would be off our roads, teachers paid better, children would be safer and healthier, and everyone's insurance rates would go down-stimulating our economy! So let's ticket more speeders and solve these problems.

BYH, I know I could be a good morning person — if morning started around noon.

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