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May 23 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, May 23, 2019

My neighbor says that I am an idiot for not believing in global warming. But I still do not understand how he is going to end global warming when he cannot even stop his dog from barking all night long.

Vidant needs to back off! This is an example of the tail wagging the dog and the UNC-System will not be intimidated. Getting uppity gets you slapped down every time.

BYH to individuals who never accept personal responsibility. The rest of us are tired of being blamed for your lack of accountability.

BYH, abortion is not about a "war on women." It is a war on babies.

Finally, Greenville will be paving 10th Street in front of the university. I sure hope they make it safe and accessible to those of us who use wheelchairs and try to get to ECU. Sidewalks, curb cuts and crosswalks are needed to get to classes, eating and shopping. BYH for taking decades to begin to address the accessibility issues here.

Thank you to AARP for encouraging Greenville and Pitt County to become age friendlier. Affordable health care, accessible and safe communities are needed by all, and you're helping to make it happen with your workshop series.

BYH to the teachers who want a 10 percent raise. You already have months of vacation time every year and work short days. Like everyone else, you get raises when you work longer, harder and deserve it. Work in the summertime like the rest of us, and earn more salary that way.

Pitt County teachers are asking for the local supplement to be increased from 3-5 percent to 7 percent, an increase of 4-2 percent.

BYH GPD for installing more cameras instead of hiring more officers. Cameras do little to nothing to slow down the speeders or remove the people texting while driving from our roads. We need more traffic cops educating and enforcing the existing laws, like speed limits, use of turn signals, expired plates, texting while driving, passing school buses, not yielding to pedestrians, etc. Ya'll are failing at your protection responsibilities.

Well, ESPN says they are no longer making political statements in their programming. Thank goodness, I may start to watch again. Nothing like a little left wing drivel to ruin a sports show, bless their hearts.

BYH Eastern Pines Fire-Rescue, a tax increase will improve response times by putting all trucks in one building. Your two current buildings are maybe 35 yards apart, exactly how will a single building improve the response?

BYH Greenville. Spending $2 million for a monument honoring a small portion of our population is just wrong. The money could be used better elsewhere.

Bless your heart to the residence in Bethel with all the junk, roaming chickens that cackle all day long and the roosters. Please town officials do something about this nuisance.

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