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May 25 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, May 25, 2019

The election is heating up all there is the usual talk of equality. When has there ever been equality? The lion will always be the king of the jungle. Mother Nature will never be silenced.

Getting an abortion is easier than getting a tooth pulled. The dentist will go to lengths to try to get you to save the tooth. "We no longer condemn teeth," my dentist said. Of course saving the tooth helps pay for the beach house, boat, golf clubs and the privilege of being a shotcaller.

BYH City of Greenville! I enjoyed the Legacy show at the Town Common, but noticed that the five or so flagpoles stand empty, without flags for this Memorial Day weekend. I love the field of flags, but would like to see flags on the flagpoles that stand behind the fallen soldier memorial!

Bless our hearts! How many times do things have to be repeated before they sink in? 10th Street is not a city street. It's a state road. The city of Greenville won't be repaving 10th Street, the state will. And teachers don't get paid during the summer and work far more than 40 hours a week during the school year.

BYH to president Trump: Just remember, the best way to closure is disclosure.

BYH, I replaced my cat litter box with a FedEx box, now when it is full I just close it, tape it up and put it on my porch for someone to steal.

Another Concert in the Common and more family fun for everyone in Greenville. This city is doing all the right things and really changing for the better!

Greenville is No. 1 in our state for car crashes two years in a row now. We can't fix the roads to protect us all from poor drivers. BYH DMV, GPD, and the courts for allowing our insurance rates to be so high because of poor education and enforcement. Lower the speed limits, enforce them, and hold speeders accountable, please.

Quick question in response to Thursday's paper: What does a dog barking have to do with global warming? It's happening.

I agree with the mayor, it is ridiculous to place porta potties downtown when those kids can learn to use the bathroom at the establishments they visit. Pure stupidity.

Does it scare anyone that many of the congressional candidates are running up to Washington. D.C.. to look for favors before they even get elected? We're looking for someone to drain the swamp, not join it.

BYH to people who bash teachers. You literally would not last one class period at my school. I get cussed at, chairs thrown, break up fights, I was even spit on once. There are homeless kids who don't get to eat, a room with no AC, meetings before, during and after school weekly and kids who do nothing all year long because they know they will get passed along; yet I get evaluated on their test scores. So don't come at teachers wanting a respectful paycheck for what we do daily!

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