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May 26 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, May 26, 2019

BYH ECU. Maybe spending millions on a party house for your now resigned leader, transferring tens of millions from your doctors to the failing football team, and establishing posh seat at your nearly empty stadium is showing the world your true priorities? Be like UNC, spend millions on a protecting a slavery statue and have your athletes take "no-show' classes and get away with it.

As soon as our Founding Fathers learned that Alexander Hamilton had an extramarital affair, they knew he couldn't run for president. I'm sure that the trajectory we are on now for selecting presidents is nothing like what they had in mind. How in the world did we get so far off track?

BYH, all those who protest the ban on abortion. Since Roe v Wade there have been over 60 million deaths of babies by abortion. How can that be right?

BYH to the person complaining about the GPD and traffic cams. Apparently, you are not aware of the number of people who end up at the arbitration sessions at the library, trying to get out of having to pay those tickets sent to them after getting caught on camera. Thus the GPD is free to chase down other "bad guys" doing far more serious crimes than running a red light or texting. Considering their limited budget, I think they're making the right decisions.

Maybe I am the only one that finds it strange that someone is offering advice on local elections after they were pummeled in the last election.

The concert this week was superb, listening to Motown hits with my sweetie brought us back to the good ol’ days when we use to fog up the back of our car. Thank you to the mayor and council for your choice in such a diverse lineup.

Congratulations to The Youngs on their winning of the small business of the year. Well deserved and it was great to hear your nice words on the other businesses that were also nominated. Class act.

Is there a way to keep the county commissioners out of Greenville? Now that the weather is becoming nice, I'm scared that they'll try to swipe my wallet during their budget process.

Beth Ward and Tom Coulson — the reason why we need term limits in politics.

BYH to those who believe, as the White House claims, that China will pay for this latest 16 billion in bailout monies for farmers. Aren't we still waiting for Mexico to pay for that wall?

BYH to Dr. Murphy and his FB friend page. He is bowing down and accepting an endorsement from House Freedom Caucus so he can get money. Says want to clean the swamp but if so why would he accept such a conservative group? Follow the money folks; he is not your representative but bought by lobbyist and this group

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