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May 27 Bless Your Heart


Monday, May 27, 2019

I fully support the idea of requiring people who park downtown to pay for their car's space. That parking deck cost us $56 million and at the cheap rates the city charges, it will never even pay for itself. Raise the rates, increase the hours covered and decrease the subsides that encourage more consumption and congestion.

Bless your heart people who wish happy Memorial Day. There's nothing happy about Memorial Day. It's about remembering those who gave up their lives to protect our country. It can be merry Christmas or happy New Year but not happy Memorial Day.

BYH to those who complain about teachers getting full-time pay and benefits but having more months off for vacation during school breaks than any other job. Pay us more and we'll spend more at your workplaces during all of those breaks and then maybe you'll get a raise, too.

In the online jail bookings photos this morning I saw several charged with selling heroin. How do they fit in the war on opiates? Are they victims of big pharma too?

Went to the big retailer grocery department in search of strawberries only to find they had none! I asked the produce manager and he said it was due to Trump's tariff on Chinese strawberries. Don't know if I can buy that. Wouldn't the strawberries spoil on the big ship?

If the UNC-System has filed legal action against Vidant, then we are in serious trouble. They got all the high class lawyers up there and I doubt the ambulance chasers around here know much about this kind of stuff. Most of the lawyers I know hang around parking lots waiting for someone to fall.

Theresa May has resigned as the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Most polls indicate that she will be replaced by Hillary. As a matter of fact, CNN has already called Ohio for Hillary in the UK election. Folks, you can't make this stuff up! Or maybe you can.

BYH, yet again today, Trump called himself a “stable genius” (who does that?) and since he has always shown himself to be a negative barometer of truth (I'll release my tax returns, I'd love to testify, etc) does that mean he is calling himself an unstable moron? Just asking for a friend.

Vidant is looking for a $20 million transfer to fight the UNC-System legal action. Go Pirates! Arrrgh.

Sure could use some of that stormwater runoff on my lawn about now. When it rains it pours and when it does not rain nobody talks about stormwater runoff unless you are running for office. "And there I was face to face with stormwater runoff. I said, 'Out damned spot!’”

BYH, happiness is not getting what you want all the time, happiness is loving what you have and being grateful for it.

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