Bless Your Heart Democratic Party. I am a centrist Republican and I think Donald Trump is a terrible person however...

June 20 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bicycle riders are calling for more bike lanes on Greenville streets. How about a special lane for those few of us who drive the speed limit? Driving at the speed limits on Greenville streets will get you more abuse than getting married.

BYH to the Greenville Aquatics and Fitness Center swim instructors! They are so kind and have taken the time to learn each child's name as well as allow them the chance to have fun while also learning to swim!

BYH, Joan Perry and Greg Murphy. Both of you have put on very effective ads. So effective, in fact, that I have decided to vote for whatever Democrat runs against you, no matter who. You are both obviously very despicable people.

I don’t want to be a naysayer but folks our downtown needs some serious attention. We need to spray our sidewalks with straight bleach then pressure wash. How about more planters and some small flags flying from the light posts. This doesn’t cost a fortune, just some labor and some creativity.

How appropriate that Trump would choose to kick off his reelection campaign in Orlando, the home of Disney World. After all, his permanent residence is Fantasy Land.

BYH to the designers of the new 10th St overpass/connector. Y'all divided a community just so the ECU people can speed their way between the two schools. The speed limit of 35 is way too fast and most people are goin 50mph+ as they text on their phones. Please remember that some of us live here and have to cross this highway and lower the speed limit to 25 or less so we can be safe and stay alive!

BYH: To Greenville, NC people who want so many beer shops. Beer, and Wine. There is more than this to life. These type of places lead to trouble down the road. So much is made of such places. I wish the County was dry.

Bless the consumers heart, if we're going to pay more because of other countries tariffs for household products, durable goods and clothing,etc.. all things things that could be and at one time were produced and built with pride in the USA, then maybe we should put that blame on multiple previous administration's for allowing these countries to take american jobs because of greed from both sides of the political aisle, not the current one, just think about it.

I have been watching the commercials for the third district race and found it to be a down-to-the-wire-event. We have Murphy vs Perry vs...Pelosi??? You'd think the house speaker was on the ballot. Candidates: Mention Pelosi and socialism in the same 30-second spot and you get a free meal from Chik-filet!!!

If we held 10 seconds of silence for every victim of the holocaust, we wouldn't speak for well over 5 years.

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