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June 21 Bless Your Heart


Friday, June 21, 2019

Some youth groups raise funding by selling discount cards for use at local restaurants. How about sell a decal which shows your support for the Brook Valley Shortcut? We already have a Friends of the Smokey Mountains. Why not a Friends of the Brook Valley Shortcut? People would be falling over themselves to have one on their car. What a status symbol!

I thought of a new slogan for the Pitt County Commissioners, "Making Pitt County Poor Again."

Bless the little ole heart of the person that suggested ECU’s baseball team might be in Ayden. Thanks for recognizing that Ayden is a great baseball town! You should be ashamed to besmirch the name of ECU baseball after its inclusion in the top 16 teams in the nation. Go Cliff and Company!

No thank you Greenville. We don’t want your budgetary professionalism. You sent us Chris Nunnally, another Democrat liberal, to raise taxes on property owners. I call that professional highway robbery.

Of course, birth control should be available over-the-counter and covered by insurance. Common sense says that prevention would keep so many abortions from taking place.

Bless your heart to reparations. We have been paying them ever since the mid-sixties. Billions of dollars have been spent on families for housing,food and medical benefits. Be thankful for what you have.

Bless the heart of the county commissioners and the embarrassment you are to our county. Watching the meeting on tv makes you sick to your stomach and you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

We have the best city council this city has ever seen. I look forward to reading the paper to read all the spectacular changes being made.

BYH, the right wingers kept saying they need their guns to protect from a corrupt government. Okay, where are you?

BYH, here is a helpful hint to all those who have their entire lives wrapped up in their phones: transfer all that info, especially all telephone numbers, to a notebook, because in a moment all that stuff will be gone if you break or lose the phone.

According to the CDC there are more alcohol related deaths each year than deaths caused by opioids. So the obvious answer is to sell alcohol at college football games. Arrrgh!

Let me clear something up for you. Us old men with several days of beard growth are not trying to look like Brad Pitt or even Mayor Thomas. We do not shave because bending over the sink hurts our backs. And we are too old school to use those new fangled electric shavers! Show some compassion.

Please participate in my BYH scientific survey. Are there more drunks on the road after ECU loses a football game? Or wins the game? Celebrating or drowning our sorrows? Please drive defensively.

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