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June 23 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bless the nurses on the second and sixth floor at Vidant hospital, who took such good care of my husband while he was in the hospital. Special thanks to “Squirrel” for keeping his morale up at all times. He sends his thanks to all who helped care for him. Many thanks to all nurses who care for the sick. 

BTH, I witnessed the event sponsored by Joan Perry, couple of people trying to set up a pop up canopy in the Greenville Towns Commons regarding who Walter Jones would have endorsed. Quite a miss functional crew it was. Whoever he may would have could endorsed his history. This was a staged event by Perry at the Greenville Town Commons. Pitt County voters would rather have a Pitt County Representative rather than a Lenoir. Pitt County Voters Get out and Vote. BTH for staging at Town Commons adjacent to the memorial site.

No BYH to Trump's 'drain the swamp' lie. He put in charge of the EPA a coal lobbyist, made the Secretary of Health & Human Services a former lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry, promoted to Secretary of the Interior an oil industry lobbyist, and his new Defense Secretary is a lobbyist for Raytheon, one of the military industrial complex's biggest contractors. Swamp: fully stocked. Suckers.

What a day it will be when the NC General Assembly spends as much time increasing the penalty for drunk driving as they spent on getting beer served at college football games. Uggggh!

According to the internet CBD oil is the Fountain of Youth and will cure everything. I have been taking it to cure my phobia of being swept away by stormwater runoff while I sleep. It was really helping I thought until I got another email from Calvin. Now I am sleeping in the attic now on an inflatable raft. It is actually pretty comfortable.

As a compromise on serving alcohol at college football games: How about doubling the drunk driving penalties on gameday? Maybe doubling down would encourage some to hand their keys to someone sober. I never touch alcohol unless my wife is out of town. And even then I do not drive because someone might tell my wife I was drinkin'.

BYH to the Postal Service. Do you require your carriers to be able to recognize numbers and street names? Our carrier does not use these features in delivering mail to our neighborhood. Mail is routinely delivered to the correct zip code. Nothing else seems to be important.

BYH, the headline I just read, "All fish from the Pacific tested positive for Fukushima". Another prophecy fulfilled, 'And the water will be made bitter'. Revelation 8:11

BYH, sometimes God sends an ex back into your life just to see if you are still stupid.

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