BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

June 24 Bless Your Heart


Monday, June 24, 2019

BYH insurance companies. Geckos, emu's, Flo's, Farmers, mayhem, etc. Millions of dollars spent on "cute" commercials at whose expense? Personally, I would prefer better rates!

BYH to the planners who want to connect uptown with the hospital district by displacing families, going over budget and delays for almost a year and then post a 35 mph speed limit. That overpass is nothing more than a speed bump in the road!

Do you remember Foster Brooks? The guy who played the drunk? Someone like him should be the play-by-play commentator for a beer swilling football crowd. "If they put more air in the ball it would be round. That is science."

If we sell beer at ECU football games we should ban all Baptist preachers from attending. Folks are just not going to get down if the preacher might see them drinking beer. "Preacher, it was that non-alcoholic beer. I swear. Is it okay to swear to it?"

After beer sales start at ECU football games we should have fans from the stands be the halftime show. Let the drunks play a pickup game of football. It would be great fun for all. Have the happy drunks play the mean drunks.

BYH to warm summer days. Remember, deodorant is your friend as the temperature rises. Sweat isn’t sweet.

BYH to the employees of the ECU Station post office on 10th Street. Not only are they the most friendly postal employees in the county, but they seem to sincerely care about those who come there to do business. I always feel refreshed when I leave and that is a rarity in this day and time!

BYH, so Trump thinks he has credibility and he thinks anybody will believe him as he marches us to war with Iran, just as I predicted when he took on John Bolton. And now he has put a defense contractor lobbyist as secretary of defense. He is about to make his friends at the military industrial complex a lot of money. Pray it's not your kids sent there to die.

BYH to the idea of filling Congressman Walter Jones' seat. Can we have a chance to go back to the original ballots? I do not like either thenRepublican or Democratic candidate. I want someone else; neither of these will do.

BYH to the new director of Community Development in Greenville, Tom Barnett. Your experience in working in larger cities is well received in our budding city. Your presentation to our neighborhood association was impressive, especially your plans and vision for downtown. Welcome to Greenville!

Can someone please tell me what kind of healthcare place does not allow you to wear scrubs to a clients home?

BYH, if you are arguing loudly on your phone in public, please put it on speaker, I need to hear both sides of the story.

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