Bless Your Heart Democratic Party. I am a centrist Republican and I think Donald Trump is a terrible person however...

June 26 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Presidential contender Elizabeth Warren is proposing free college for all. Does that mean that ECU will no longer charge student athletic fees? Will the taxpayer be funding the teams? Will there be an entrance exam for free college or do we all get to be valedictorian?

BYH, Joan Perry. Washington insiders are not nervous about dealing with a mom like you. They've never even heard of you.

BMH I learned something about the GOP primary today while listening to talk radio. Nancy Pelosi is running and she has turned both candidates into radical liberals. Where did all the orange on their noses come from?

Dr. Murphy has missed close to 500 votes in the NC Legislature since he was elected? If he can't show up for work in Raleigh, how can he be counted on to show up in Congress and support President Trump?

Bless your heart to all the sheriffs who refuse to uphold immigration laws. I thought you had taken an oath to uphold all the laws of this country. The oath you swore to uphold must now mean you will only uphold the laws you like.

BYH to all of the Greenville ‘Pitt County Senior Games’ Athletes who represented ENC at the National Senior Games. Congratulations. I look forward to reading more about you in the Reflector.

BYH to those volunteers trying to clean the trash out of the local rivers. Go look at the auto junk yards in the Greenville flood plain or the old waste dumb in Farmville that the creek runs through and carries garbage into the Neuse River on a daily basis. Make the city and towns clean up the sources and we will all stop drinking polluted water.

A BYH to the Democratic party, I don't understand your logic in regards to illegal alians, your parties leader had suggested that it's not illegal to be in this country illegally, a couple questions, would you enter another country illegally and expect that country to house and feed you and your family?, especially when we have american families with children homeless and hungry? Why do you have such disregard for your own?

Judge not lest ye be judged" is a foundation of faith. However, I have never met anyone who did not judge. Is it even possible not to judge others from your lofty status?

BYH I really enjoyed the one about sometimes GOD sends an ex back in you life. My ex would be stupid enough to try.

I am pumped about being able to drink beer at ECU football games. So I am in training. Drinking a two six-packs in 60 minutes each day and yelling at the old couple across the street. They seem ok with it as I don't think either one can hear very well. Arrrgh!

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