BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

July 12 Bless Your Heart


Friday, July 12, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Greg Murphy! You will do great things in DC for Greenville! Bravo!

To the new faces that have decided to run for city council, bless your heart! After the mayor and council voted against tens of millions of dollars of investment at the downtown Imperial Site it's time for a change. We need a council who welcomes outside investment and doesn't turn a cold shoulder to it.

Bless the heart of Rep Smith and Sen Davis, if you vote against this budget and we lose the funding for the new Brody School of Medicine we will be sure this is your final term in Raleigh.

Bless the bumbling fools at the county, we all watch you on tv and think that bozo the clown made a comeback.

BYH, I guess the more money you have, the less they care what kind of sexual offender you are, especially against young girls.

The fact that Greg Murphy is supported by Mark Meadows and the Tea Party should be all the reason you need not to vote for him, but in this gerrymandered district he has the advantage.

BYH to Allen Thomas who strangely said civility is one of his platform planks. This is a joke. When mayor, he told citizens who opposed him on a controversial rezoning to just move out of the city.

Thanks for smoothing out the 10th St. speedway with new pavement for the NASCAR wannabes. This will help all of those ECU students get in better shape as they'll have to start running as they jay walk across the street because the cyclists have taken over what few sidewalks there are. BYH NCDOT - have you ever heard of your own "complete streets" policy?

BYH to those requesting tickets to the Trump campaign rally just to not use them and try to leave seats empty as some form of protest. It is being held in small place so I am sure that Trump supporters will find or bus in enough bodies to fill 8,000 seats. All y'all do is give the RNC your cell phone number so they can spam y'all more.

BYH Allen Thomas for providing the voters with your platform rather than giving reasons why not to vote for your opponent. How refreshing. What you hope to achieve for Eastern NC reflects what Walter Jones worked so hard to preserve. Like Jones you represent the people not the party, and that's what's important in any representative.

Bless the heart of the "laws don't apply to me" candidate for Congress. Pick up your sign that have been illegally placed in the right of way or we'll make sure you are fined for each sign that is left out.

Bless your heart to the person who said that the mayor and city council had created a positive jobs environment. As one of the 600 individuals who was laid off by Wells Fargo under the Mayor and City Council's watch, I could not disagree more. This city needs results, not political talk.

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