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July 14 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Thank you to the city of Greenville for the concert on Wednesday night. It was so much fun to listen to Eagles songs and enjoying a cold one!

BYH, ECU's new interim chancellor, for expecting your employees across the university to take the hit for the irresponsible units that managed their money badly. The self-imposed job freeze will only work people so hard they will leave and then what? We should not have to pay for those who did wrong!

BYH to Jane Goodall, who said, "Why is the most intellectual creature to ever walk this Earth destroying its only home"?

Bless the Heart of the commission who now wishes to be mayor of Farmville who thinks he has done a good job leading the town. Be sure to ask him about the hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars wasted on a sludge machine that never worked just to be sold for scrap metal or other wasteful water projects on his watch. Where are the southside jobs he always promises yet fails to deliver?

If you are still mad about losing an election you might need to let it go. Make an appointment with your preacher. Holding grudges is unhealthy and takes up too much space in the BYH column. Why do you think posts about the Brook Valley Shortcut are so popular?

Elect Mayor Thomas to Congress and we will have our own version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Is she coming to Greenville to campaign? I would love to get her autograph and get my picture taken with her and Mayor Thomas. Smile!

Thank you for the DR article about ECU athletic department financial woes. The $20 million dollar transfer will definitely help but the beer drinking in the stands will help more. In my experience problems seem less after a few beers and a $20 million transfer.

How cute. Someone likely never employed by Wells Fargo wrote into BYH to complain about City Council. I remember Mayor Connelly going to bat on short notice against that crooked bank to keep jobs here before making the best of a bad situation and moving city business to First Bank. Recognize real progress... like Greenville's record low unemployment rate.

No older nurses allowed at VMC. No wisdom need apply. Only people that are young, no experience necessary. They will mold you into what they want. Be sure to pursue your BSN., 65 year olds. Rack up that student loan dept before retirement. Makes total sense, right?

BYH to those who believe Allen Thomas will sell his soul to the devil, when Greg Murphy actually sold his independence to Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. Murphy offers no ideas on how to help Eastern NC, only how to help Trump. Even his quote in the paper was about how he'll support Trump, not how he'll find solutions to our local issues in DC.

BYH and congratulations, America. We have our first twitter troll president.

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