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July 16 Community News


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

BYH, lock up your wives and daughters, the President is coming to town.

BYH to all who are complaining about unfair district maps. How did the Republicans ever succeed in becoming the majority in the house in 2013 before maps were redrawn. If anything, the gerrymandering was in place for 100 years prior when Democrats controlled the house.

BYH to the anti-off shore drillers who are also anti-jobs, obviously. Sorry about your beaches but I gotta drive myself in my SUV a half mile to the store since it is unsafe to walk on these roads. My truck needs cheap gas and fillin' her up is more important than your sandy beach! Drill, baby, drill!

I am 83 years old and remember a little about World War II. This so-called president that we have reminds me of Mussolini, with his arrogance and smug look. This guy makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. This is one senior citizen that will not vote for this incompetent.

BYH Dan Gerlach and Vice Chancellors in the past when the state budget was an issue we handled it with hiring freezes, travel freezes and spending restrictions. We didn't immediately jump in and start eliminating jobs and send employees with 10-20 years at the University out the door. No loyalty to those with experience and service.

"Activate" the Tar River? BYH PJ, maybe the first thing Greenville needs to do is to clean it up from all of those littered plastic bottles and bags that line the shore by banning that garbage from local stores! Then build your long promised greenway along side of this flood prone mess and more people will have access to it. Fewer motor boats on it will mean fewer oil slicks and less noise pollution

BYH to the ECU upper administration who are complaining of loss of students. This is a national trend folks deal with it instead of unrealistic goals. The state is shoring up other less viable programs instead of ECU so that they can attract more students - that pulls from ECU's pool of applicants. Find a new plan instead of whining!

No BYH to Trump for his racist tweets this week telling lawmakers to "go back to your country". How would he like it if someone said that Melania should go back to her country?

So Allen Thomas wants to represent us in the DC swamp. If you tend to vote the Democratic ticket maybe before you cast your vote you can get him to explain where the missing $400,000 went to when he was in charge of the Global Transport Park. Seems the State Auditor discovered the shortfall when GTP was audited. Something tells me a response will not be forthcoming so don't hold your breath.

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