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July 18 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, July 18, 2019

So the Greenville-Pitt County Convention & Visitors Bureau has hired a firm from Wake County to be its advertising agency. Anyone else scratching their head at not hiring a local agency to provide this service? How many dollars are we sending out to Wake County instead of keeping it local?

BYH, have Republicans lost all sense of common decency, to be so silent in the face of their leader's racist comments and insanity? History will not be kind to you.

Thank you to the city of Greenville for paving 10th Street. I have never seen so much paving of our streets in my 20 years in the city!

Curious if the huge sale on white sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond is a total coincidence during the Trump Rally visit? Asking for a friend.

So you know, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota became a citizen in 2000 at the age of 17, while Melania Trump became a citizen six years later at the age of 36, a year after she married the future president. Let that sink in!

BYH: To President Trump. Your remarks against the women Reps. who spoke so bad against our Country had no racial tone at all. These women should be banished from our Government body. They speak of treason, and slam the American way of life. The Demos are trying to use this as a tool against you. Stand firm in your words.

A Russian spy, a racist, and a sexual predator walk into a bar... The bartender asks, what'll it be Mr. President.

Time to drain the Pitt County Dems out of Jones Street in Raleigh. Politics over people is their new motto, it seems.

In the 1940s the US government rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in camps, now in 2019 the US government is doing the same thing with immigrants. You would think that we would learn from our past mistakes.

Gerrymandering is back in the news. It was never a problem during that 100 years or so that the Democrats handled it. But as soon as the Republicans took over it became a problem. And now the Republicans are even dressing better than the Democrats. What a world!

I hope Minges Coliseum is sanitzed and deloused before another event is held there. Bless Our Hearts!

BYH To the writer with vicious intend against Trump supporters and Christians. What you don't get is that we don't buy into the silent coop that is the mainstream media. We know the truth and you don't. Stop your mean intent and give us the rights you seem to enjoy.

Bless all of our hearts. When did we all lose ourselves and become hateful, angry, argumentative people with no respect for ourselves or others?

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