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July 19 Bless Your Heart


Friday, July 19, 2019

BYH if you were at the Trump rally chanting "send her back" ... Congratulations! You were on the national news looking/sounding like an idiotic hillbilly racist redneck! IF you claim to be a Christian you better get on your knees and pray for forgiveness! Disgusting!

To Mr. Trump and all those cheering him on chanting “Send her back” I want to tell you how foolish you looked as you put on that pathetic show. Stoking division and fear and you cheer him on! To use one of his favorite words, “That’s disgraceful”!

People say I am stupid to be a Trump supporter. Before now that honor was the sole dominion of my wife. She claims that I have always been stupid and that she was stupid for marrying me. But I think this works in mine and Trump's favor in that there are a lot of stupid people.

If you came to the US to fit in to our way of life then you are welcome. But if you came to change us to your way of life then that is probably not going to work. The "American Dream" is 100% American. We may have a problem with stormwater runoff but we also got hot doughnuts.

BHY to all the liberal whiners who feel that the President is not showing the proper level of respect when he talks about them. You hypocrites should look in the mirror and listen to yourselves. The most disrespectful groups in the US are: LGTB Activists, Racial Activists, Democrat politicians, and Bleeding Heart news reporters. The president gives what he gets. If you people want respect you may want to show some respect.

BYH to the Nazis chanting "Send her back." It's obvious that the racist’s issue with Omar has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with the color of her skin, just like the migrants currently being held in concentration camps. To anyone who ever asked how the Germans stood by during the Holocaust, if you're still silent, then you should ask yourself the same question.

Our neighborhood chat site had a post about a neighbor displaying a Trump sign in the yard. I would put one out too but I am afraid the neighbors would beat me up. If you have a Trump sign then I think the neighbors let their dogs use your lawn as a toilet. So I am a secret Trump supporter.

Welcome to eastern NC where the Trumpsters invite anyone exercising their freedom of speech to go home. Best to remember Franklin Roosevelt's speech to the Daughters of the American Revolution in which he addressed them as "My fellow immigrants.”

Today I am ashamed to be a citizen of Greenville. What an ugly scene at ECU.

Bless our Hearts: I truly wish this country would come together for the good of All mankind and learn to love each other no matter race, sexual orientation, beliefs. We need to learn to respect each other and LOVE everyone.

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