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July 23 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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I was 21 years old when the United States landed men on the moon. I was watching with a group of UNC students like myself when one person of unknown and dubious educational background piped up with the brilliant observation "Looks to me like it would have been easier to hit the moon if they had waited untll it was full." Fast forward to last week and I am sure if that idiot has not been flattened by a bus, she were in that crowd of ignorant sheep (apologies to sheep) chanting away. Funny how you cannot fix stupid.

Bless your heart if you think a 30 second chant defines a community. Greenville is a diverse, vibrant, and friendly place, take a walk around town, meet the people and decide for yourself.

Bless our Pirate Hearts, our previous Chancellor aspired us to be the "Next Great National University". His dream almost came true...after the recent Trump rally, ECU is now known as the Next Great Nationalist University. A sad day for our state, the UNC system, ECU, our alumni, students, faculty and employees!

BYH to all those who claim "That's racist" to everything and everyone!

BYH to blinders on: Yes! Omar Has said those things that are anti-American! A lot of comments a matter of FACT! She is not happy camper and seem to have never been! Mainstream media DOESN'T want to make a bigger deal out of it! So Be It!

BMH It amazes me that anything that is said that liberals and the main stream media disagree with is immediately spun into being racial. I think most of Americans are tired of this except for the ones that uses it for their benefit. Where was the outrage when Hillary used the word despicable?

BYH to the poster in Sunday's edition who ranted/bashed ECU for "allowing" the rally and stating he/she will not send their children to ECU. That may be the most uneducated, misinformed submission in the history of BYH.

BYH to Dr Greg Murphy for staying silence after the rally here in Greenville, now the voter should stay silence in electing him as a representative for the 3rd district. Go talk to Mayor P.J. Connelly and see how you represent constituents

BYH to Parkers Story: It was very interesting to read about the family and the values of the restaurant! Sorry to hear about the robberies that had occurred. Must say I feel the same way! It was awesome how you tackled the situation with the Chaplain Group. Way To Go and it is a great place to purchase your meal, (almost seems Home cooked) They take pride in their product!

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