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Aug. 4 bless your heart


Sunday, August 4, 2019

BYH to Mark Rutledge for still writing about North Carolina as his “home” all the while when he was here writing about home he longed for the rolling farm lands of Tennessee. Where is the humor gone in your writing?

BYH, all these hippies protesting Trump just make me think Nixon didn’t go far enough in ‘72.

BYH, before 2016, all the African American community knew about Trump was him asking them, 'What do you have to lose?' Most just didn't come out to vote. Now we see what Trump represents, and indeed what we do have to lose. Next election, if every black voter voted, this guy will be gone, we see that elections DO have consequences.

BYH to people on Medicaid who excel and get their master's degree and contribute to society. I have no problem with this, but why doesn't our government require a percentage paid back into the taxpayer-funded programs that helped these individuals?

Bless the heart of the people running attack ads on the director of the hospital. This reminds me of the same tactics run by Calvin Mercer when he ran against Mayor Connelly a few years ago. The truth always comes out in the end.

'BYH' to today's BYH with the predictable Soviet tactic of 'whataboutism' (look it up), answering the charge of hypocrisy of those who let Trump get away with things like walking into restricted areas of a teen pageant to look at the naked teens but would react differently if it was Obama. 'What about Clinton', they asked? Clinton was impeached. So they must be saying Trump should be impeached.

Very pleased to see the formation of the new economic development partnership here in Pitt County. Only issue I have is the fact that I pay property taxes to Pitt County and they decided to waste those tax dollars and not join the partnership. Shame, shame, shame.

The quality of life has never been better in the city of Greenville. As our city continues to develop it has not damaged the character of the city it once was 50 years ago.

BYH Troy Dreyfus. The static of AM radio is the least of your worries. It's all your negativity and the fact that you're tied at the hip to Harry Smith that is your problem. Did he buy those FM translators for you?

BYH, to Trump supporters; you truly are all in with your soul on this one. When your regret starts, it will be deep.

A big thank you goes out to the SECU on First Street in Greenville for being the only bank in our area that cares enough for the environment to encourage its employees and customers to walk or ride there by having both sidewalks and a bicycle rack installed. I switched to this branch because it is the only one that seems to care enough about parking, traffic, congestion, health and the environment. BYH to all of the other banks in our area!

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