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Aug. 14 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I will not be sending a BYH to Jeffrey Epstein, but I don't understand all the fuss over his suicide. Has he not just saved the American taxpayer a huge amount of money?

The efforts to contain mass shootings doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. Expanded background checks would help, but such checks are imperfect and will never solve the problem. A ban on guns is not practical. What we can and should do is ban the sale or the possession of magazines that hold more than a limited number of bullets.

To anyone that has control over the trash, grass and fencing that starts from Red Banks Road all the way on 14th Street to the stoplight at the intersection of Greenville Boulevard, we want to look nice, too, even though we are an old side of town. Bless our hearts too.

Plato said, "If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." Citizens are not paying attention to our city council, and it is following the path of our national leaders. Developers and money are more important than the wishes of the citizens.

Common sense gun control will not take away your guns, unless they're military-style weapons. If they are, why do you have them? Tell us why. What do you have in mind? Planning the next of 250 mass shootings so far this year to bring horror and devastation? Inspired by Trump? Nazi's were inspired by Hitler.

BYH, what does the Robert Mueller report have in common with the teachings of Christ? It's impossible to still support Trump after reading either of them.

BYH, the purge is on. Not being able to outright fire the EPA climate scientists, Mulvaney bragged to a conservative crowd how they demanded they relocate from DC to Kansas or else quit. This administration is evil.

BYH. A message to those who still support dear leader: we are in 1935 Germany, and you are on the wrong side of history.

No BYH to the anti-Christians. Just remember Christ said “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.”

BYH. While you were so busy worrying socialism would take away your freedoms, capitalism stole your pension, robbed your savings, took your jobs overseas, dismantled the educational system and put you in debt, leaving you only your racism, xenophbia, hate and guns.

If we cannot enforce immigration laws how do you expect to enforce the Horizon Land Use Plan? I can't even keep the neighborhood dogs from using my lawn as a toilet. Things change and so do land-use plans.

Take a copy of the Horizon Land Use Plan and $1.29 to participating restaurants and get a cup of coffee. If you forget to bring your copy of the Horizon Land Use Plan you can still get the coffee for $1.29.

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