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Aug. 16 Bless your heart


Friday, August 16, 2019

No BYH to the inconsiderate person in the white pickup holding up traffic at Memorial and Greenville Boulevard Thursday morning. You stop in the right turn lane with your left signal on impeding traffic while our light was green. Your stupidity should not have become our problem. Turn right next time and take the next light.

BYH to the traffic planners. On the same day: Red Banks between Greenville Boulevard and Evans, Arlington between Evans and Hooker and Evans from Arlington to Greenville Boulevard had one lane in each direction closed for paving. All while the new folks were arriving in town to move their children into ECU. What a traffic nightmare.

BYH Reflector and ECU. I have been to almost every football game over the last 30 years. I am a proud Pirate and look forward to taking my seat in the new southside tower come game day. But let's give a word of appreciation to the person who really made our renewed athletics a reality — Chancellor Cecil Staton. I know its not politically correct to mention his name, but he deserves credit for our new athletic leadership and coaches as well as the investment that has been made in athletics, which will financially help ECU and Greenville in the long run.

BYH ECU for spending 60 million for improvement of a tower at the stadium. Don't get me wrong, updates were needed, but what a ridiculous amount of money and all started in 2016 with the defunct AD we thankfully got rid of (way too late though). My question is in reading the DR article, do you really think this is important for education and future of our academia at ECU? Look at the schedule and only six games to be played in the stadium? Sorry a total waste of that much money in my opinion.

BYH to the ECU Stadium project. What a waste of money on the addition. I guess the Beer sales will pay for this. I just hope all the drunks do not fall off of this new addition.

BYH. Crazy people are just crazy people. Crazy people with guns kill people. Crazy people with tactical weapons kill lots of people.

This BYH goes out to the idiots who are trying to take my gun away. I am a single female who lives in an apartment outside of Greenville. On my front door is a sign that reads, "If you break in I will shoot you." P.S. I practice a lot.

BYH Pitt County criminal justice system. Not one but two former prosecutors targeted by Superior Court Judges. Seems as though someone has "black robe disease." Wake up Pitt County! Between the new administration of the District Attorney's office and these judges, your streets are not safe!

No BYH to the to the folks saying our current president is like Hitler. Actually the liberal democrats who want to take our guns, control our health care and give our hard-earned wages to those who choose not to work are more like something Hitler would do than the current leadership.

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