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Aug. 19 Bless your heart


Monday, August 19, 2019

You mean to tell me we have not fixed that line that got flooded about 20 years ago? Hard to believe. But at least we are getting the GUC Palace built so we can find solace in that. Word is that the new GUC HQ will replace the Taj Mahal as a tourist destination.

Thank you to the two nurses at Eastern Nephrology that took time to assist me and listen to my concerns. I believe they were both named Vickie. Your compassion meant a great deal to me. Kindness is becoming extinct. So glad to know that people such as yourself still exist.

We need more Vickies in town!

BYH to the employees who have to ask whether you have a rewards card. I know they are only doing their job but I get so tired of being asked and I don't want one. Tell your boss to ask me. I get asked the same question every day and it gets old after a while.

Bless your heart to the hypocrite who demonized the Democrat debates, saying no one is fit to be president. Candidates from both parties have always debated and tried to outdo each other by throwing them under the bus. It is called a political game.

BYH to the person wondering if Obama had joked about grabbing [expletive] et al. Lefties would have defended him much the same as they defended Slick Bill when he lied about having sexual relations with that woman. They continued to love him.

BHH, Trump cannot go to his "country of origin," because is grandfather was exiled from there for dodging military service. Seriously.

Congratulations you rabid Trumpists! I just saw you once again on national television. Grow up!

BYH to all of the people who post political items. Can you all get together and form a Facebook group so we don't have to read your views in this column?

Bless everyone's heart. If we all abide by the following, the world would be a better place: If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with you big mouth!

All the news seems to be about ECU athletics and how much money they are losing. What about the rest of the college? Anyone learning anything? How about all those ECU graduates who cannot find a job? Some of us have little interest in playing ball and more interest in making a living.

Open enrollment rules for Pitt County Schools are a prejudiced system against poorer families and those who reside farther out in the “country,” especially in high school. I really think they should consider doing away with a system that says you can have school choice only if you can afford to transport yourself. I’m fine with the school my family is in, but it really is just socio-economically prejudiced.

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