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Aug 20 Bless your heart


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bless your heart John Paul II and your new athletic fields. The 8,000 dump trucks of dirt have harmed the streets and lungs of neighboring homeowners, forced them to buy flood insurance and install tall fencing, and to be forever assaulted by whistles, shouting, stadium lighting and loudspeakers. The Private Property Keep Out signs are icing on the cake. Is this Christian behavior?

BYH, today I am determined to be positive in spite of all the construction runaround in Greenville. A big thank you to whomever designed the 10th Street Connector. This makes it so much easier to go to the hospital district from the east side. You are appreciated!

BYH Greenville. Do you think now that the Fire Tower-14th Street widening is going to be delayed for years that Heritage Village could fix the wooden fences on 14th. It is absolutely unsightly and the city should declare it a public nuisance.

BYH. The ECU students are back. We have to deal with them: They are rude and hateful acting as a whole. Traffic is terrible and there is no peace in Greenville when they are in town. I for one hate to see them return to school. They act like drunken sailors on leave. God help us all.

So, now more students in our city have increased our population by close to 28,000. How will we deal with their vehicles and lack of knowledge of the roadways? Yep we are gonna have more accidents once again.

I know, gripe, gripe, but the new section of Arlington still holds a lot of standing water in heavy rain.

All this complaining about the roads and I'm like, remember what it use to be like? Keep up the good work mayor and council members.

As a resident of the TRUNA neighborhood I am grateful for all the wonderful work of Councilman Bell for the last two years. You are a young, energetic leader and you listen to our concerns to address them. Thank you.

Your recent article on ECU athletics reported that the athletic budget projected for this fiscal year has net deficit of $11.9 million and an $11.4 million deficit in 2020. Have we ever entertained the idea that maybe ball playing should take a back seat to reading and writing? Doesn't the college have business professors who can like add and subtract?

A big BYH to new ECU football coach Mike Houston for the excitement and enthusiasm he brings to our beleaguered football team and fan base. I have but one request: Please don't run onto the football field wearing a long sleeved sweatshirt or jacket in near 100 degree weather as the last coaches have.

According to my calculations if we drink enough beer at the ECU football games we will drink the athletic department out of deficit spending. I am saving my money, lining my stomach and getting ready for drunken oblivion. "Hold that line, hold my beer!"

Bless my heart, I have inadvertently violated one of the prime tenants of life and death. It is well known that you need to die young if you want to leave a good looking corpse. Alas, that ship has sailed.

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