BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 21 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I asked a young lady out to dinner and then to go play outdoor chess. She wanted to know if outdoor chess was like beer pong or jello shots. When I explained what outdoor chess was she suddenly remembered she had to paint her nails.

The preacher's sermon was on the Horizon Land Use Plan, or at least I think it was because everybody was crying when leaving the church. As I shook the preacher's hand he asked why I was not crying, "Well, you know, preacher, I've been married too long to start crying now."

BYH Mayor Connelly. I bet you made your developer buddies happy when you and your voting block voted to annex a lot of property to the city, although that was inconsistent with the city's land use plan. Thank you Councilman Rick Smiley for being the lone voice on council who truly had the city's best interest in mind.

Bless Mayor Connelly for his service to the city. He has been outstanding in his role and with his leadership we are seeing our community evolve into a great place to live.

I agree with the lady who has a sign on her door warning that anyone breaking in will be shot. Anyone breaking into our home while we are here could end up with more holes in them than there are at the Brook Valley golf course.

Since last year I have put about 800 rounds through my AR15. I enjoy target shooting at semi long distances and despise reloading, so I use 30 round magazines. I purchased my AR in 2008, and since then not one animal or human has been harmed. Now you want to take that away from me. BYH comrade, makes no sense to me.

Bless your heart Black Jack. Greenville city ordinances won't allow us to fire our weapons. I'm going to keep shooting whether they annex me or not.

BYH and many thanks to ECU's new interim chancellor for readjusting the focus and priorities back to eastern North Carolina. We were never meant to become the next great national university — we exist to meet the needs of our area!

BYH to the writer who does not want the visiting cyclists to spend their money in Greenville on Oct. 3. That is fine. Farmville enjoyed them in 2016 and many of them have returned several times spending lots each time. Farmville is getting ready to capture the funds and visitors that Greenville shuns. Your rejection is Farmville's financial gain!

BYH Greenville planners for failing to include complete sidewalks along Arlington so that people can walk to and from a city park and school with safety. Your focus on cars and only cars is what has gotten us stuck with horrible congestion for decades. How about focusing on the health and quality of life for people who live and work here for a change?

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