BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 22 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, August 22, 2019

We ask that readers respond to items on our opinion page by writing a letter to the editor. We are making an exception in this case:

Bless the heart of the editor of The Daily Reflector for the stupid editorial you wrote this past weekend. I wish we could vote you out of office for your slanted reporting.

When will the paper finally get rid of the editor? We need someone that doesn't create left-leaning fake news that does not reflect the readership in our city.

Bless the heart of Bobby Burns, you need to retire and stop your crazy liberal politics to try to influence the city. Aren't you the one that endorsed all the losers in the last municipal election?

Thank you to the city council for expanding our city like the great people before you. No one ever thought Fire Tower Road would be in the city and look at it now. Shame on the paper.

As a taxpaying citizen in Greenville, I cannot believe that the the Daily Reflector would write an op ed on the city when they do not even pay city taxes.

Thank you mayor and city council for what you do for our city, we will keep all of you in office because you have done exactly what you said you would. This will not print because the paper has outside motives that want you out.

Bless the heart of the editor of this paper, get a life and try to come out of your safe space every once and awhile. Didn't you learn your lesson last election cycle when you tried to manipulate the municipal elections?

That last one really hurt. Now back to our regularly scheduled column.

Now that we are going to be selling beer at the ECU football games I propose we not schedule any of those religious schools. Many of those discourage the partaking of alcohol and probably would not be too much fun. Let the grape juice crowd have their own football conference.

BYH to the Greenville sanitation department for the creative way you dispose of hydraulic fluid. You dumped about 20 gallons of it when your trash truck drove around our neighborhood.

If Democrats are communist, what should we call Republicans making deals with Russia? Greedy communists?

BYH to the people quoting us scripture and trying to shame us because we are not happy with letting just any good swimmer in the country. I assume you are a Dem, so what about all the people in your party standing up and cheering when a late term abortion bill is passed or the governor of Virginia says we will keep the baby comfortable while the doctor discusses what to do.

BYH to the Daily Reflector or this BYH column where folks can express their thanks, exasperation and even political gripes. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech, baby!

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