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Aug. 23 bless your heart


Friday, August 23, 2019

A no BYH to those cold-natured people who don’t think about hot-natured people. Nothing offends me more than someone wanting the a/c turned off when the humidity level is over 100. What is wrong with you?

BYH, true story, Denmark just offered to buy the US. “We believe that providing an educational system and national health care, America could be turned from a vast land mass into a great nation,” a spokesman for Denmark said.

I saw where Governor Cooper was going to cut back on greenhouse gasses. BHH, so he's going to stop giving speeches?

BYH ECU for not even having started classes and already there is armed robbery at your dorms. Become like Texas and allow the students to protect themselves and you'll see this kind of crime end quickly! 

I love the unbridled optimism of the upcoming college football season. According to media reports, every college football team will be 12-0 this year. Not sure how it is possible but hope springs eternal. Me? I'm just hoping that Junior passes freshman math.

Bless the heart of everyone calling for a Minor League Baseball team. I actually agree with you, but after what I saw in Fayetteville I hope you're ready for years of fighting and screeching from shut-ins who never leave the house who believe tax dollars should pay only for the street directly in front of their house.

Why oh why, Greenville, do you allow so many plastic bags to be given away for free just to end up littering our streets and waterways? Are you not tired yet of eating and drinking plastic particles? BYH and reduce this awful things by charging for them or outright banning these environmental hazards!

BYH to the football lineman. They are the unsung heroes. D.H. Conley has one of the best lineman in the state. The Big Panda! He is one of the few senior D1 prospects in Pitt County yet he gets minimal recognition. Not only is he a stellar athlete but he is a great kid!

BYH, to parents who forget their children in the back of your hot car: give them your phone while you drive. You surely won't forget your phone.

BYH, does this make sense? A kid on the playground throws a rock at another kid on the playground. The teacher gives all the kids rocks, because after all, only a good kid with a rock can stop a bad kid with a rock.

I think it is un-American or un-Greenvillian to talk smack about the students returning to ECU. Think about how much money they bring with them to pump into the local economy. The rude ones are probably Yankees who came South for the cheap tuition. But we can win them over with kindness and Barbecue. But then again if we are too nice they might stay after graduation. So be careful.

BYH to all the Greenvillites complaining about the traffic, construction, ECU students returning, John Paul II athletic fields, and everything else that attends life in town. The more I read, the more happy I am to have moved out to the country!

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