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Aug. 26 Bless your heart


Monday, August 26, 2019

Thank you Greenville for finally starting to charge something far more reasonable for parking downtown. For years we have subsidized free and cheap parking when each space costs taxpayers thousands every year. Beginning to charge a few dollars every hour will save every taxpayer and end this government handout program.

BYH to the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting Uptown to draw many in. Now you want to drive many away with the cost of parking and parking fines. Parking should be free, and you should ease up on parking violations. People will not visit Uptown if you make it unattractive as you are proposing.

Paying for parking in Uptown to increase? BYH to those who are against requiring car drivers to start to pay their fare fair. This town still has the cheapest parking around and hundreds of tax-payer subsidized spaces, this is why we have so much congestion and traffic problems.

A proposal to charge up to $15 to park in Greenvillle? Heck yeah sounds great. Another excellent reason to come on over to Farmville shop, dine, explore the scene all while parking for free.

BMH I live in Farmville and I do not want the bicyclist here. Also would the person who wants a ball team in Greenville please move to Kinston and learn the expenses ball teams cost the taxpayer.

Thank you road builders for eliminating the Greenway crossing on 10th Street. I am so glad that those bikers and runners won’t be slowing us down any longer as we head to the new overpass speedway. Please consider raising the speed limit above 45 mph now that the crosswalk has been erased.

BYH to the residents of South Hall and their beloved wall. Your passion for your wall delayed the road widening project, and now because of budget mismanagement at NCDOT, it has been delayed a few more years. The rest of us will be sitting in traffic for an additional five years. I hope you enjoy your wall!

A huge thank you to Henry Hinton! Finally, someone bold enough to confront Allen Thomas about his recent denials of statements made to cut military spending. Voters, take heed!

BYH, one of the scariest things about America is that there are millions of people who are more scared of democratic socialism than the prospects of a dictatorship.

BYH, hiring undocumented workers is a felony. Being undocumented is a misdemeanor. It seems like the wrong people are being arrested.

BYH to the pharmaceutical companies that have made insulin and epi-pens so expensive the average user can no longer afford them, even if they have insurance. These people are dying because of your greed. That greed has turned to pure murder. God help you.

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