BYH, have the courage to be disliked....

Aug. 27 bless your heart


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BYH to those who approved installation of traffic light cameras to punish violators. If there are cameras that can catch cars breaking light standards I would think there would be similar devices to catch speeders. Heavy fines would pay for such devices rapidly. As a regular visitor to Greenville I find speeders a greater hazard than light violators.

BYH, so you missed your turn. I saw your signal on and I actually slowed down a little to let you over, but you missed your chance. I’m not slamming on the brakes because you missed your turn. So put your hands down and stop acting like I’m rude. Go to the next road and turn around.

Those who complain about a word not being spelled correctly need to get a hobby. Mark Twain once said that he did not give a damn for a man who could only spell a word one way. A statement I definitely endorse.

BYH Donald Trump for your wonderful ceremony at the White House which will forgive student loans for all disabled veterans. Very little coverage but I saw it. Thank you.

BYH, if your grandfather started raving about buying countries and being the chosen one, at the very least you would take away his car keys.

BMH, maybe go easy on local Yankees? I didn’t get much say in where I was born. But when I came of age and could choose, I chose down here (40 yrs ago). I’ve learned there’s good people in both places. You just might have to look harder up North.

BYH Greenville, threaten a contractor with $1,000 a day late penalties, and whamo, just like that, a gas leak accident caused by rushing and cutting corners. Now even more of a delay. Work with contractors not against them.

Bless the heart of the clock on the east side of the downtown parking deck. It's more than five minutes slow: Just one more way Greenville is behind the times. Make America late again?

BYH Daily Reflector. I think you should ban political candidates from sending in BYH canned self-praises!

Bless Your Heart ESPN and ABC for broadcasting the LLWS. What a blessing to watch young players, families, friends, volunteers and broadcast professionals exhibit kindness, respect and great sportsmanship. Very refreshing!

Thank you to all the volunteers, professionals and dental technicians who served our lord, Jesus Christ, at the New Bern dental clinic over the weekend.

Thank you to the Greenville Police Department for offering the book bag giveaway for the children in need. It warms my heart to see this selfless action in our city and highlights one more way the police serve our city.

BYH to God, thank you and please forgive me for the blessings I did not even notice.

BYH, if at first you don't succeed, then you'll get a lot of free advice from those who didn't succeed either.

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