BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Aug. 29 bless your heart


Bobby Burns

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I say that if the Pirates beat State this weekend we should build statues of Coach Houston, Mayor Connelly and Chancellor Dan to honor the saviors that have saved our city.

Bless my heart, Jesus Christ was in New Bern getting his teeth cleaned last weekend?! Nobody told me or even bothered to put it on the Twitter or the Gram!

BYH to BYH for never posting my submission. It’s very frustrating. Let’s see if we can make it 4 for 4.

BYH the red light cameras are supposed to stop people from running red lights but are also supposed to pay for themselves from the tickets they issue. Think about that for a minute.

Red light cameras helped pay for school construction to keep the young ones safe. How about let’s keep them really safe and install speeding cameras or, better yet, enforce the traffic laws and give these red light runners criminal tickets like they deserve instead of cheap civil fines!

BYH to the person wanting speed cameras. I agree speeding is the real issue in Greenville, but you are willing to continue to give up due process rights because the police chief would prefer to have his officers doing block parties instead of writing traffic tickets.

What a wonderful sight this morning seeing all the kids returning to school. An even more wonderful sight was seeing the police writing speeding tickets for those who ignore the 25 mph speed limit in a school zone. Those reduced speed limits in school zones are there for a reason. Test your mental skills and see if you can figure out why.

Please, people, please slow down and learn to put your phones down as you drive especially in school zones. The life you save may be your own child's. BYH to those who think their speed or their phone/text is important than another's life.

After the first day of school my son's teacher sent a note home saying that Junior was the best dressed child in the class. Those Brook Valley yard sales have some nice stuff. Sign me, "Feeling might high class."

BYH to the ECU Trustees who are fighting with the Vidant CEO and board to get a new Brody School of Medicine building. God bless the employees who got caught up in this mess. Let's get all of the power-hungry "daddy dids" off of all boards.

OK, our lunatic governor decided to veto a bill that required sheriffs to follow the law. We need to vote this guy out and get someone with some sense in there, Mayor Connelly?

Bless our hearts, the angels have been crying ever since industrial age pollution started, but now I hear them wailing and weeping as the Amazon jungle burns, clearing land for cattle farming.

BYH, Denmark should sell Greenland to Mexico just to troll Trump.

BYH, if opportunity doesn't knock, it's time to build a door.

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