BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining....

Sept. 4 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

When I had Blue Cross the doctor was always going on about me losing weight and eating healthy. Now that I am on Medicare he doesn't say much. When he listens to my heart he has his earphones in rather than the ends of his stethoscope and I can hear Frank Sinatra singing, "I did it my way."

Soon the leaves along the Brook Valley Shortcut will be changing colors and ushering in the tourist season. My family and I love driving along the Shortcut and seeing the leaves and lovely autumn decorations. One day we saw that cheeseburger man playing golf. That really made our day!

BYH to our new society which just can’t stand to go a single moment without looking at their phones. My challenge to you: When you’re at the stop light, standing in line, waiting at the doctor’s office, try looking around and stop missing real life.

I just can not fathom why the developers keep building these huge, expensive student complexes for college kids, most of whom struggle to get by. They are missing a great income opportunity by not building these complexes for the elderly. They have more resources than students and are much more responsible. A Sun City, like Florida, would be great and very profitable.

Please realize that once the extended warranty robocaller finally gets through to you that whatever is wrong with your car is not covered by the extended warranty. I think that is in the Bible or maybe the Horizon Land Use Plan. "No, sorry, not covered. If you read the fine print you are only covered for damages if you hit BigFoot or Jimmy Hoffa."

Thanks to my neighbors whose flowers make our street smell like roses. Unlike my house where my big, old dog passes wind. At least that is who my wife blames it on.

BYH to the new Gather Uptown apartments. On the Pitt Street side I have seen pet owners not “gathering up” their dog's poop. Of course the complex did not give sufficient yard space for the dog's to relieve themselves. Why did you allow such large dogs in the complex?

In high school I asked the trigonometry teacher if I could go get some hydrogen oxide. She figured it was something for a science fair project so she let me out of class. I thought I was being clever but I should have stayed in class because my life has turned out to be an utter shambles without those trigonometry skills.

BYH to to the readers who thinks we need speeding cameras. That would be great on N.C. 33 East where every day there are plenty of drivers doing 35-40 when the speed limit is 55. No one is asking you to speed, just move over to the right hand lane or get a bicycle.

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