BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

Sept. 7 bless your heart


Bobby Burns

Saturday, September 7, 2019

BYH to all the folks who work hard to churn out the endless pizza orders during the hours leading up to the hurricane. Pizza makes everything better.

BYH to all the TV weathermen. Everyone appreciates your efforts, but most of us are semi-intelligent and do not need you to say the same thing over and over again and taking 30 minutes to say what could be said in less than five. Give us a break.

Laugh all you want at those old men with trophy wives but it ain't half-bad duty being locked up during a hurricane. "I've been to the top of the mountain."

What is the best way to pull shingles off the roof so it looks like the hurricane did it. Have you seen the price of a new roof lately? Asking for a friend. Thanks.

If we are going ahead with the ECU football game. it is because the administration thinks it is an easy victory. If we were playing Alabama the game would have been called once Dorian left Africa. "We must think of the safety of all concerned. Hallelujah my brothers and sisters."

Legally swilling beer at college football games takes all the fun out of it. Sneaking beer into the stands has always been viewed as a high stakes adventure in itself. I hope this move to progressivism will not hurt the whole experience. Is cheatin' on your income tax now legal too?

BYH to ECU if you reserve 4,300 seats at Saturday’s football game with Gardner-Webb — just in case their entire student body wants to attend.

Once we pass global warming legislation government officials will be able to control when hurricanes hit. Therefore we can still play football on the weekend. The global warming enthusiasts can hold the hurricanes off the coast until Monday morning and have them gone by Wednesday. These are some smart people we are talking about.

I see that more and more retailers are discontinuing the sale of guns. Good on them. Now if they would just discontinue selling meth.

No BYH to President Trump for golfing while Hurricane Dorian rages.

BTH of President Trump for thinking that Alabama is on the East Coast and in the path of the hurricane.

Really Pitt County Sheriff's Office? Business office closing during a county state of emergency. The absolute one time when all hands should be on deck. They should be there to support the officers in the field in every way possible.

Yes staring at your phone while driving is dangerous, but how exactly is staring inside every car to see who is any less dangerous? Stay focused on your driving and the road ahead.

BYH, one day you will just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.

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