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Sept. 8 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 8, 2019

All of a sudden many churches are pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. My church now allows you to ignore any three of the Ten Commandments, four if you tithe. Take the preacher fishing and ignore another one. The Session is now considering replacing the communal grape juice with Jack Daniels.

Bless the heart of BYH editors. Aren't you afraid that by observing chemistry jokes you're affecting the punchline?

We promise not to interfere.

If you really want to get rid of the Electoral College then convince them to get a football team. That ought to break them pretty quick!

As storm approached the talk turned to stormwater runoff. I have lived here all my life and never been flooded. One year it was so wet I could not cut the grass but I did not blame Mayor Connelly for it. I don't think he was even born then.

A limbo world champion walks into an Uptown Greenville bar, they are disqualified and still have to pay a $15 parking fee.

BYH I’m so glad that my friends and I are not the only ones who notice the lack of police presence in the city against speeders ... as I told my husband when we passed a GPD car once, “Wow, did you see that rare species known as a patrol car!”

BYH to those drivers on 10th Street who don't seem to recognize that there is a traffic light (which sometimes turns red) at the exit of the Brewster parking lot at ECU. Greenville could make its budget every year by fining those who run this one light.

Thank you GPD for finally enforcing the speed limits on 10th Street between Greenville Boulevard and Lowe’s. On Labor Day an officer with a hand-held radar and several police cars were there to apprehend the speeders. It’s a 45 mph zone and it’s not uncommon to get passed by cars going 65. We need to enforce there every day.

BYH dumb Greenville driver. I thought I had seen it all! I was stopped at Arlington and Memorial. A lady left McDonald's and made her way across six lanes of Arlington, stopping traffic and dodging cars until she made it into The Circle K lot then continued through and exited onto Memorial. Why did she not go directly onto Memorial from Mickey D's? You just can't fix stupid.

BYH to the Party of Diversity. Your three top presidential candidates are all white, over 70 years old and multimillionaires.

Bless the heart of the person hoping hunters and fisherman suffer pain for their hunting and fishing, Jesus and many of his disciples were fishermen; you might want to rethink wishing all sportsmen great pain

Bless the City of Greenville for maintaining, mowing and cleaning Allen Road, one of our most littered due to its proximity to the transfer station

BYH, run away from people who turn off your smile.

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