BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

Sept. 13 Bless Your Heart


Friday, September 13, 2019

A big BYH to the students and youth ministers of St. Peter's School who cleared the yards of hurricane debris for several elderly folks in Lakewood Pines last weekend. They are a class act!

Bless Your Heart Mr. Moore at Farmville Middle. Keep up your perseverance and doing the right thing for the students in the Farmville community. You are our best.

Greenville is such a great place to live with all the recreational components offered to the citizens. My friends and I enjoy brisk walks on the greenway system as well as spending time on the Tar River in kayaks.

Thank you Greenville City Council for standing up against the NC DOT to show your displeasure with their financial issues. Who is running that place? Sounds like another horrible Cooper appointment that has dwindled away all the cash reserves.

BYH to the Republican cheaters in the legislature. If you can't win honestly, you can always cheat. Calling a surprise vote to override Gov. Cooper's veto of your ridiculous budget is all too typical of a party that's been taken over by a liar and a cheat.

BYH to the news media who don't know the difference between a penectomy (removal of the part of the male reproductive and urinary systems that delivers urine and sperm) and castration (removal of the part of the reproductive system that produces sperm and testosterone). Hundreds of thousands of pets and livestock animals are castrated/neutered every year but still retain their urine delivery organ. Guess they didn't pay attention in science class.

From chemistry to physics to, er, anatomy.

I saw where Mayor PJ was giving away T-shirts for his re-election campaign. I would love to wear one but will I get beat up like those who wear red MAGA ball caps? I hear that the stormwater runoff crowd can be rather rowdy after a couple of expressos.

BYH to the Greenville City Council for coming to the conclusion that spending money to purchase land for a park is more important than fixing the roads we all drive on everyday. I think parks are a wonderful idea, but they should not take priority over fixing the pothole ridden streets. Either fix the potholes and broken pavement or re-pave the streets in need.

Thanks to all the residents of NC District 3 who voted in the recent congressional election. YOU made a difference! Represent us well, Congressman Murphy!

Congratulations Greg! Our Doctor has made it to the big House. We know you will represent us well.

BYH, it seems that democrats would rather sit there and complain than get out there and vote.

BYH: God, grant me to change the things I can change, and a sharpie to change the rest.

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