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Sept. 14 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, September 14, 2019

BYH, to Cecil Staton and Jeff Compher. It seems that a huge building magically sprung up on the south side of Dowdy Ficklen Stadium. Over a hundred injuries last Saturday by those patting each other on the back.

BYH to the contributor who thinks Democrats will bring on a 90 percent tax rate for all people. Have you heard that we use a progressive tax system?

Don't worry about the cost of the football stadium nor the fact it is only used six days per year. It is a status symbol and gets us national recognition for putting athletics ahead of academics. We may not be Harvard but we know where it is.

The doctor told me if I lost 50 pounds I could quit taking my blood pressure and cholesterol pills. But the pills are so cheap under Medicare that it just does not seem economically viable. Plus I enjoy the visits to get my refills because one of his nurses could make a bulldog break his chain.

A BYH to Alan Fram of the AP who wrote about the 9th district win of Dan Bishop. Oh, my, his anger and journalistic bias are so evident!

The problems in our world are a result of progressivism destroying the fabric of our culture. They are so concerned with changing our country that they forget the principles in which we were founded.

BYH, if kneeling during the national anthem shows disrespect for the military, then how does stealing taxpayer money from the military to pay for an unneeded wall show respect for the military?

BYH, do you not remember "paper straws?” They were horrible. That's why plastic straws were invented! You really want to go back?

BYH to those who I knew would respond to my opinion about the bloodlust of sport hunters. So predictable. I was referring specifically to those who do not eat what they fish or hunt, just get off on killing them. Christ helped Peter catch fish, but I bet every one of those fish was eaten.

BTH of whoever recommended the Beatles' "Taxman" for a lesson about the socialist UK. When I start making George Harrison money and no longer have to spend more than half my paycheck for health insurance and daycare, I'll get right on it.

Bless your heart. So Mack is back? Does that mean the fake classes and degrees at UNC chapel hill are back as well?

BYH to the person voting for the Republican who is going to cut their Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Don't complain when you have to do with less. You voted for it.

I bought a washing machine and added the three-year extended warranty. Come to find out the three year part is how long it takes them to come fix the defective machine. Extended warranties are like old age: not much to either.

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