BYH, watching this administration is like watching a mob movie....

Sept. 16 Bless Your Heart


Monday, September 16, 2019

Thank you Councilman Will Bell for reviving the conversation around the Greenville and ECU transit merger. This move would make our roads last longer and save both entities some big bucks.

Do you think we can get Trump back to Greenville? I would like to see the safe space liberals lose it over a man that shows results.

BYH to Gov. Cooper and the incompetent people in your office. Millions of federal dollars are available to help recovery  from Hurricane Florence, but the staff you have appointed is not capable of the task. I look forward to help elect a governor who can do his job.

Bless your heart to the radio station that takes up more spaces than it pays for at the ECU tailgating lot. All of us that give a lot to the Pirate Cub don’t appreciate your perks, like being able to set your tents up on Friday nights and driving over the curb and not having to sit in line. You should be in the corporate lot and leave our lot to us fans. Come on ECU treat us little fans fairly.

I love how the little new French Cafe in Farmville is supporting and encouraging safer cycling in our area by offering a discount to those people who ride to shop while wearing a helmet. What a neat idea of bicycle benefits. Bless Their Hearts! PS your food is great, too

Why oh why is texting while driving still so common in the Greenville area? BYH GPD, if anyone walking, riding or driving can see hundreds of drivers video calling, watching movies, texting, etc., while operating a multi-ton moving piece of metal at high speeds, why can't y'all?

BYH to the city of Greenville for installing a few new bike lanes then neglecting them. I tried riding along 10th Street from ECU to the hospital and the so-called lanes are full of broken glass, metal, stones and debris. Then they just end at Memorial. Did you plan for this to be a deadly trap or just really don't want people to ride in town?

BYH, maybe this will be published, there is no federal law saying any law enforcement must hold someone based upon an ICE detainer. Only a judicial action can detain a person.

As a local born and raised "Greenvillian," I also would like to comment on student housing. As much as I appreciate the growth since my 1964 birth at Pitt County Memorial Hospital, I would love to see a housing community for 55-plus citizens who appreciate, respect and take pride in their community. Older people are more likely to have the income and establish a more permanent residence. Why not have retirement housing for all us old ECU students?

BYH, some see the glass as half empty. I say just get a smaller glass and quit complaining.

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