BYH, have the courage to be disliked....

Sept. 17 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bless my heart, the filter must have torn when making my morning coffee and now it's full of grounds. Do I keep on sipping or dump it out?

BYH, maybe this will be published, there is no federal law saying any law enforcement must hold someone based upon an ICE detainer. Only a judicial action can detain a person.

Bless your heart to the great legal system of our country. A frail elderly women, tired of her drunken husband's fornicating ways, ties him up and cuts off his penis with a pair of pruning snips. She is arrested, labeled as threat to society and has her bail set at $500,000. At the same time a convicted felon, armed with a stolen weapon, caught selling drugs to school children has his bail set at $10,000. I feel much safer knowing that I will not be attacked by a crazed old lady with pruning snips.

There is a report of a NC woman severing her husband's unmentionables. My wife says this is not a crime and that no woman should be prosecuted for it. Anyone have a cheap apartment for rent. Probably need it soon as I have a hard time sleeping lately.

BYH to those in the Democrat party who wish for the president to fail just because your party is not in charge currently. Your time will come, and remember what goes around comes around, and with vengeance.

Rather than educating inmates send them to the military. That is what happened back in the day and the military always got their man straightened out. And now we can even send the women off to boot camp. I would think an Army of mean women would be the most powerful force in the world. I have never known a man who could stand up to a mean woman!

Back when the Democrats were in charge of gerrymandering we never heard one word about it. Of course that was because the media would never print negative news about Democrats. Now that the Republicans are in charge of gerrymandering the media cannot bash them enough. Now that Democrats are losing an election or two their eyes are full of tears. Cry it on out. You will feel better.

Bless our hearts, we are only beginning to see the consequences of Bush era laws assaulting our civil liberties in reaction to a preventable attack whose warnings were repeatedly ignored.

BYH, never forget. Eighteen years ago we were attacked by zero Afghanis, zero Iranians and zero Iraqis. Yet somehow in reaction, we went to war with two of those countries, and Trump is waiting until just before the election to go to war with the other.

BYH to politicians who say America is the greatest country in the world and can do anything! Except pass gun reforms, solve the opioid crisis, provide adequate health care, end the wars ... and so on.

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