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Sept. 18 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

BYH: E-Cigarettes kill but guns do not? Vaping-related lung illnesses are tragic, shootings result in certain death. No double-standard please.

BYH to the contributors in BYH. When we returned on Sunday, I started to read the comments, and some really improved my attitude. My favorites were "doctor telling me about losing 50 pounds," "cost of the southside football stadium" and "Mack is back" to help fake classes. These and other posts helped to escape my depression from the ECU-Navy game.

BYH to the forever gullible who lap up the nonsense about socialism and taking away your assault style weapons. We can't even pass a law to mandate simple background checks for guns that we nearly all agree is necessary.

BYH if you think the president is stealing money from the military. It's called re-allocation and has been approved in court. As far as the "unnecessary" border wall is concerned, people who are charged with stopping people from pouring over the border say they need it, But you know so much more!

You need a wall on the beach at Mar-a-Lago. The Bahamians are coming! The Bahamians are coming!

OK, Allen Thomas, time to get your signs up.

I read with interest of Pitt County getting a new horticultural extension agent. The new agent Hannah Smith wrote an article for the Daily Reflector complete with a photo. I was so inspired, I have decided to plant a garden

My wife insisted we go to the preacher for marriage counseling. After several sessions the preacher told my wife to her face he did not see how I stood being married to her. Now we go to a new church but I still send my monthly contribution to the old preacher. He will always be my super hero.

BYH. I donated extra children's books to the Little Free Library at Peppermint Park. This week discovered it is gone; only the post remains. There have been several such Little Free Libraries in Greenville and the whole country, too.

Sing a song of Trump-Pence, a White House full of spies! Four and twenty Democrats spouting out their lies! When the voting’s over, the people’s voice will sing! Guess what! There’s more conservatives, who want to please their King (of Kings)!

In Iraq our people tried to not damage historical and religious sites. So the other side took cover in those sites and opened fire. That is kinda what the N.C. legislature did. They used a time of remembrance to shoot at the other side.

Liberals have a strange sense of logic. They want to restrict the availability of guns to law abiding citizens. This is akin to me getting a vasectomy because my neighbor is having too many kids.

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